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Heeramandi: Glorifying Women Slavery

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The recent controversy surrounding the romanticisation of courtesans and prostitutes in Bollywood has sparked a debate about the portrayal of these women in popular culture. The upcoming movie “Heeramandi,” depicts the lives of courtesans in a red-light district in pre-partition India. Bollywood is a notorious agenda setter playing with social issues carelessly. The viled and venomous glorification prostitution, terming these ladies to be ‘queens’ is a new cake-bake formula.

Why is ‘Heeramandi’ an issue?

The film romanticises the lives of courtesans and portrays them in a positive light, even though they were a product of a deeply convoluted patriarchal society, influenced by the harem culture of Islam. The movies that showcase exploited women is a trend. Bollywood has a history of glorifying the lives of courtesans and prostitutes, depicting them as strong, independent women who have control over their lives and destinies.

Independence and strength of a woman defined particularly by this class, is a horrific sign for future.

The Wokeism that has already set in the world of dumb reel and shorts, encourages little girls and women to take up whatever they are fed. This is basically a mockery of the women who have been forced into this line, without their will. Their pains have been trivialized, and presenting it as something worth glorifying us just simply pathetic.

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The film industry’s portrayal of courtesans and prostitutes has contributed to the normalization of prostitution in society. It is seen as a way for women to earn a living, and the harsh realities of the profession are often ignored. This normalization has led to the exploitation of women, particularly those from marginalized communities. Teenage girls who are forced into prostitution due to poverty and lack of opportunities.

Furthermore, this romanticisation in Bollywood has perpetuated harmful stereotypes about women. Portraying them as objects of desire rather than individuals with agency and autonomy. This has also contributed to the objectification and sexualisation of women in society.

Bollywood fever is corrupting minds

However, the reality is far from this portrayal. Courtesans and prostitutes were often forced into the profession due to poverty, lack of education, and societal oppression. They were subjected to physical and sexual abuse, and their lives were controlled by powerful men who often treated them as mere objects of pleasure. But, for Bollywood anything that is defiling human dignity becomes a matter of peddling a new agenda. Times and examples have shown that Bollywood is hellbent on exposing falsity in the name of creative freedom. The movie Umrao Jaan and the recent ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ were uncalled for creations. They are trying to show that Bharat as a nation has a dearth of great women which also include women from ordinary background. Through this, they will create an illusion.


The illusion of independence and living life on one’s terms. But see, how coyly they will hide the widespread chaining of women in their own Bollywood circles. A girl is not able to cross the first step of fame by not serving into dallies of a producer or director. This is a horrific situation which is giving birth to modernday prostitution.


In conclusion, the romanticisation of courtesans and prostitutes in Bollywood is a problematic trend that perpetuates harmful stereotypes and contributes to the normalization of prostitution. While it is important to acknowledge the historical significance of courtesans and the cultural significance of the red-light districts, it is equally important to acknowledge the harsh realities of the profession and the exploitation of women. The Bollywood and its harmful agenda must be counterfeited strongly.




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