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Urduwood – Bollywood ’s Old Story of Hindumisia

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The release of movies like Shamshera and Brahmastra is on the anvil, showing utter disregard for Hindu beliefs and customs. It’s time that Bollywood realizes that Hindus won’t be mute spectators anymore to show whatever they wish to, from their biased colored lenses.

The Hidumisia promoted by the Bollywood cabal is well known to anyone who watches or follows Bollywood. In general, Bollywood is nothing but a propaganda machine that attacks Hindu beliefs and practices. The blatant hatred propagated in subtle ways continues to this day, though sometimes shamelessly and unapologetically. Bollywood has unilaterally chosen to promote promiscuity, violence, injustice, religious inequality, and social division, to present a very dystopic society.

Sub-Standard Secular movies of Bollywood

There haven’t been many good films churned out by Bollywood in the last few years. Films that can be enjoyed by people from all strata of society. Additionally, Bollywood movies and shows are largely a saga of feminism tainted with false religious symbolism, displaying skewed feminism. Neither the movies nor the scripts have any positive social messages or lessons in courage and bravery. Most movies that pretend to show us our rich culture and past are ill-informed and half-baked and designed to fit the tastes of secular connoisseurs.

The history of promoting anti-Hindu hate is deep-seated. So much so that young people don’t even realize that they are brainwashed to hate their Hindu culture. Clearly, pseudo-leftists are adept at covering their hatred of Sanatan Dharma with the cover of progressiveness. Seeing promiscuity, rebellion, and disrespect as the order of the day is disgusting.

(P.C.- Telegraph India)

A question to everyone, i.e., could you please count how many Urdu words are in Hindi movies? It is virtually impossible to count them all. Many of them have become part of our everyday communication. In contrast, if one were to think about the same in terms of traditional Hindi or Sanskrit words, one could keep pondering. Urdu words have been romanticized to unimaginable lengths. How frequently does one hear words like Pyar, Aashiqui, Dilbar, mehfooz, jaaneman, haseen, aakhir, Sanam, tadap, sabab, Husn, khwabon, khayalon, aayat, aadat, Jannat, mehjabeen, aetbaar, shabnami, zulfon, fida, Fiza, khudaya, Allah, sajde, Ishq, taqdeer, Mohabbat, shama, bewafa, bepanah, shart, fareb, pardanasheen, tamannah, rooh, laazmi, kaabil, mushkil, intezaar, ehsaas, behoshi, khamoshiyaan, alfaaz, bekaraar, Jaan, Bedard, dilnasheen, Deewana, kasmein, judai, zamaane, sifarish, haya, khata, Tauba, afsana and zid, et al?

As you’ve probably noticed, the list is endless, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is nothing funny about the way people ostracize others who wish to converse in pure Hindi and Sanskrit. Those who speak Hindi are considered rudimentary, impoverished, and illiterate, as compared to those who speak Urdu are portrayed as eloquent, distinguished, elite, and classy.

(P.C.- India TV)

Hindu Hate is Deep-Rooted

The current situation is not novel; it has been dragging on for decades. Most people in the current generation have heard of Sholay, Deewaar, and Padosan. In Sholay, Rahim Chacha is a poor, helpless, and blind old man who extols Allah for protecting him. In Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Laawaris, and Sharaabi, you will find fakirs who are utterly devoted to Khuda and Rasool. In the Padosan movie, there is a priest who acts as a matchmaker as well. His character is depicted as greedy and conniving with no self-respect, continuously chanting ‘Radhe-Krishan Radhe-Krishan’. Similarly, in Deewaar, the love for secularism had no bounds, when Billa No.786 was the epitome of Allah’s greatness. Hero’s life was saved not only from multiple murderous attempts, but it also served as a good luck charm.

This is the said dialogue from the movie by a highly kind, benevolent, and gracious ubiquitous Rahim Chacha, “786…hum logon mein is se bohot mubarak samajhte hai. Jaise hota hai na woh OM? Waise yeh 786…786 ka matlab hota hai beta, Bismillah. Shuru karta hoon Allah ke naam se. bohot Mubarak cheez hai beta. Badi barkat hai is mein. Is Bille ko hamesha apne paas rakhna.” Not to forget the glorification and benevolence of dons like Haji Mastan, which shows what’s truly wrong with Bollywood. Documentaries and movies based on autobiographies of people who have nothing positive to speak of reflect a disturbing trend. Encouraging wrong hero-worshipping and promoting disreputable ideals, does unthinkable harm to the society with wide-reaching ill consequences.

In all fairness expecting anything but Islam’s praise and subtle trash talk against Hinduism is a given, with writers like Salim-Javed at the helm. The sugar-coated promotion of Islam as a benevolent, encompassing, generous and protective religion is the true face of secularism.

Propagation of Bad Ideals

Who’s to forget the recent trend of Bollywood films like Haider, Raman Raghav, PK, and OMG which promote hatred against Hindus? It’s true that in the recent crop of actors, many are products of nepotism and are disenchanted with their culture. Not only do they promote hypocrisy, but their actions have a huge impact on society. Following those who promote divorces, love-jihad, etc. is a depiction of how wrong our choice of ideals has become.

(Tribune India)

There are many problems with Bollywood. In short, it reflects everything that is wrong and despicable in society. Despite the current times showing a growing Hindu consciousness, ‘Bollywoodians’ are still sleeping peacefully. There have been two movies on the horizon, Brahmastra, and Shamshera, in recent months. There is one thing that stands out more: the blatant disrespect for Hinduism. Entering Mandir premises with shoes on in Brahmastra and a Tripunddhaari villain in Shamshera. ‘Bollywoodians’ are arrogant, self-entitled, and snobbish products of nepotism, and this selective targeting does not bode well for their future. It’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee. With the recent films proving to be major flops, it’s for them to understand the ground reality. Throughout history, Hindus have always been taken for a ride, putting their interests at risk. But this shall not go on indefinitely.

(P.C.- Wion News)

The recently released movie ‘Kaali’, directed by a brainwashed ultra-secularist director Leena Manimekalai, adds fuel to the fire. Her senseless disrespect for Hindus stretched beyond all limits of sensitivities and patience, not to mention her audacious claim that she deserved love and peace for portraying modernity. Fairly speaking, she’s not to blame, since Hindus have always been quiet, tolerant, and accommodating. Anti-India forces have propelled the deviants and haters of Sanatan Dharma to gain strength through this silence. The cinematic liberty of casting Allah or Jesus in the same role is not taken, the question is, why? Is secular freedom to blame for her actions? Why is all the drama and lecture about freedom and liberty limited to ill-representations of Hindu deities?


Why are we rarely told about Muslims who are intolerant, brutal, and non-cooperative in the movies? Muslims will never let it happen and even if it does, they won’t sit calmly like Hindus when it happens. The Hindu community should realize that a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Making fun of Hindu beliefs and practices by Bollywood isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is imperative that Bollywood either changes its ways or apologizes for irreparable harm done to society through such films. The parents or guardians of children should understand that enjoyment doesn’t mean watching anything that promotes moral bankruptcy. The future is in our hands, how we carve it, is up to us. For Hindus, the road to justice will be long, solitary, and arduous. The sooner we understand, the better.




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