Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Varun Upasani


Judicial Activism and Overreach

Judicial activism denotes a more active role taken by the judiciary to dispense social justice. Although Judicial Review is sanctioned by the Constitution through...

Hindavi Swarajya and the Secular Mughal Empire

In recent times, it has been a trend to term tyrants like Aurangzeb as secular rulers who have 'saved more temples than they destroyed'...

Jai Shree Ram Didi!

The name and chants of Lord Rama are incredible. On the one hand, it helped in the creation of a bridge to Lanka, while...

The Resurgence of the Indian Right

The Kundalini of the Indian Right Wing which was lying dormant post-independence has suddenly risen after 2014. The year has been a landmark in...

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