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Unceasing Crimes Against Hindus

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Hindus celebrated Ram Navami and Hanuman Janmotsav recently. There was a lot of fervour in their celebrations. They prayed to Bhagwan Ram and his biggest devotee, Hanuman ji. Music was played and devotional songs were sung. Read this again.

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Notice how no Hindu attacked any Muslim post their devotional gatherings? Yes that is the difference between the Sanatani and the peacefuls observing Ramzan – their holy month. War cries, stone pelting, arson, rapes, setting train carriages on fire and giving Sar Tan Se Juda cries against Hindu women of power culminates the average Friday of a namazi. These are same people who would have been begging for food in Pakistan but on Indian soil are the ultimate epitome of nuisance!

STSJ Cries For Kajal Hindustani

A beggarly, biased fact checker called out for attack on Kajal Singla aka Kajal Hindustani. Her crime? Asking Hindus to be aware of the violence of Muslims and to pick up arms against it, rather than being unwitting victims.

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This incited the fact checker to the extent that he is instigating the mob against Kajal. Remember, he did the same with Nupur Sharma and everyone knows how that went down.

Namaz Observing Shahrukh Saif Sets The Train On Fire

Shahrukh Saif also happens to have connections with Shaheen Bagh riots and on a fine day he entered the train carriage in Kozhikode. He poured flammables over the passengers and lit them on fire! He tried pulling off another Godhra incident.

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Hindus Attacked In Maharashtra

Multiple Hindu men gathered to celebrate Hanuman Janamotsav. They were attacked and beaten by Muslim youths and twenty vehicles were destroyed. Ironically, no Muslim was arrested but ten Hindus were put behind bars “to maintain peace”!

Horrid Attacks On Ram Navami

The barbarity of the peacefuls reached its peak on Ram Navami when they attacked Hindus, beat them up and destroyed their businesses. They even desecrated idols of Bhagwan Ram but claimed to be unwitting victims of hate crime! How?!

Nonstop Nonsense

These attacks on Hindus are unceasing and their magnitude keeps on increasing with each attack. The Hindus need to stay updated about these brutalities and stay on top of this awareness so that they can prevent these attacks on Hindus. Otherwise, the Muslims are always painted as victims of Islamophobia whilst the Hindus are the brash overlords, according to the Left media. If there are any doubts, read the article again!

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