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Hindu Woman Confronts Mosque After Forced Conversion and Sexual Exploitation

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Every day the incidents of Hindu woman strangled by the Muslim men are coming up. This situation is clearly showing that Hindu women are deliberately targeted by the Islamic groups.

What Is The Issue?

Hindu woman named Maheswari, who worked at an ice cream parlour, was sexually exploited by Bakim Aslam. Bakim Aslam had promised to marry her. However, when Maheswari became pregnant, Aslam refused to marry her. He said that due to his father’s objection he cannot marry Maheshwari. Later, his father Ashiq eventually agreed to their marriage on the condition that Maheswari converts to Islam.

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Forced Conversion and Abandonment

Maheswari was converted to Islam in a mosque located in Labbay Street, Cuddalore.  And the Nikkah was performed on January 1, while she was 9 months pregnant.

She gave birth to a baby boy on January 16. However, Aslam has been missing since then, and Maheswari alleges that Ashiq sent him abroad.

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Protest and Police Inaction

Maheswari lodged a complaint with the All Women Police in Chidambaram, but no action was taken. She went to the mosque where she was converted, along with her infant and father. Apart from that, she wanted to get justice from mosque but she was shooed away by the mosque administration.

However, women police were called to the mosque to remove them.  But instead of booking Aslam and his family for cheating and leaving Maheswari, the police tried to console her and convince her to leave.

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Sit-In Protest and Threat of Self-Immolation

But determinant Maheshwari refused to go away. And she sat in the protest before the mosque. To calm the situation down, the police assured her that they would call Aslam and speak to him, but no action has been taken. Even, Maheswari’s relatives announced that she had no choice but to self-immolate.


In conclusion, the incident highlights the issue of forced conversion and sexual exploitation, as well as the inaction of the police. It also raises questions about the religious conversion process and the importance of consent. This situation of exploitation of a woman by a Muslim family not something new. Rather, every day such incidents spring up and come into the limelight. However, there are various signs which never come out of the darkness of Islamic crimes.





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