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“Save Dolphins in Pakistan”: Do Bestiality And ‘Peacefuls’ Have a Close Relationship?

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Social Media is laughing at the latest news of Zoophilia in Pakistan! A three-year-old survey is basking in the trending zone that claims to verify the bestiality prevalent in Bharat’s not-so-peaceful neighbor.

Why is “Save Dolphins in Pakistan” hilarious?

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Well! The 2019 petition requests the erstwhile PM Imran Khan to save Dolphins in Pakistan from the base needs of ‘peacefuls’ in the Sindh region. The petition highlights that any hole is fit for a pole in the eyes of the ‘peacefuls’.

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Moreover, to top it up the petition pleads to Imran Khan. The man himself is in a bad state in the nation he once presided over! Thus, social media trends use this innocent petition to reveal that the ‘peacefuls’ of Pakistan believe in sharing donkeys in a community in lustful activities! There are many posts about how goats, sheep, or for that matter any other animal is not safe in Pakistan!!!

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What does the “Save Dolphins in Pakistan” Petition Reveal about the One-Book religion?

The petition shows that the people of Pakistan have been truly corrupted and sexually crippled mindsets. The religious leaders of the ‘peaceful’ community have filled the minds of several generations with lust as an incentive.

‘Peacefuls’  have reduced humans to a single anatomical function! Thus, the menfolk in Pakistan enjoy a really close zoophilic relationship with just about any animal!

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The bestiality fetish displayed by Pakistani men is a nasty segway from the ‘72 Hoor‘ concept. The high fertility rates, that the ‘peacefuls’ are so proud of, are not just a way to ensure the propagation of the One-Book religion! It is also a consequence of sexual activity occupying prime property in the minds of the peacefuls! 

Should animals wear modest clothes too, social media asks after goat gang-raped in Okara - Comment - Images
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The petition shows that ‘peaceful’ men can only be motivated through their nether regions! Islamic Terrorism that the world suffers under is a direct consequence of the promise of ’72 Hoor’ in the afterlife!

The deeply perverted minds of peacefuls accept self-immolation, murder, rape, and all criminal activities against ‘kafirs’ just to gain a foothold in the ’72 Hoor’ land. 

Thus, while we all laugh at the public display of perversion by Pakistani ‘peacefuls’; we must also accept the presence of such perverts in our own societies! Bharat also houses such lust-minded corrupt ‘peacefuls’! They too have only sexual activity foremost in their minds! And they too can do anything to gain a foothold in the ’72 Hoor’ land! Therefore, while Bharatvasi laughs at the zoophilia displayed by the petition to save dolphins in Pakistan, they must beware of similarly confused and corrupted ‘peacefuls’ in their own land!

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