Saturday, July 20, 2024

Pakistani Peacefuls Show Their Real Face Again

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Pakistani peacefuls show their real face again, this time in Spain, it is amazing to see that these beggars never learn from their mistakes

That Pakistan is a beggar and terror exporting country is not at all doubtful.

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It is very clear that Pakistan is the epicentre of jihad in Asia. In fact Pakistani citizens belonging to ‘peaceful community’ are spreading their peace everywhere.

I really have never seen such peaceful people of a such a despicable country.

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Where ever they go, Pakistanis make it a point to create nuisance, and not just any nuisance but nuisance of astronomical proportions.

What really does go on in the mind of ordinary Pakistanis? Like obsessing over Islam.

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Don’t these Pakistanis have any other thing to do rather than shouting their quintessential religious slogan and blowing themselves up?

Coming back to the point, a major new incident has exposed the true face of Pakistan.

Terror Ring Busted

Police in Spain arrested 14 Pakistan-origin individuals and busted a suspected jihadist network based in the country, Euro Weekly News reported.

The arrests were made as part of an operation initiated by Spain’s General Information Commissioner’s Office after the anti-terrorist alert level was raised in the country following Hamas’ attack on Israel a month ago.

All of the detainees were of Pakistani origin and are said to have lived in Catalonia, Valencia, Guipuzcoa, Vitoria, Logrono and Lleida, according to Euro Weekly News, the largest English newspaper in Spain.

A similar anti-terror operation was carried out by the Spain’s national police last month where the police caught four suspected jihadists, reported Euro Weekly News.

Pakistanis Will Never Learn

The stupid Pakistanis will never learn. They know only one thing-jihad and going to jannat after blowing themselves up.
For them, education, jobs, economic well being doesn’t matter. This is what happens when you read religious literature and not an iota of science, evolution, logic and mathematics.
Clearly Pakistan was in the dark age and will move back into the stone age.
On top of that Pakistani peacefuls show their real face again, it is high time the global community ostracises Pakistan.





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