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The Ratnagiri Petroglyphs: Redefining Human History

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Hidden along the rugged Ratnagiri coastline in Maharashtra, a remarkable treasure trove has emerged from the depths of time – the Ratnagiri Petroglyphs. These cryptic stone carvings challenge the conventional view of human history! Let’s read about how these carvings, which provide a riveting narrative of Bharat’s history, challenge the conventional distortions historians create in humanity’s timeline.

Ratnagiri Petroglyphs: What is the Age of This Ancient Legacy?

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Some historians have bowed to the carbon dating technology that has revealed the age of Ratnagiri Petroglyphs to be 12,000 years ago. These petroglyphs that reveal themselves on exposed rock surfaces and boulders are crafted with precision. Even UNESCO has agreed that these enigmatic designs encompassing a wide array of subjects, from regal deer and majestic elephants to intricate geometric motifs, are at least 12,000 years old. This puts the Western concept of human civilization of only being 6000 years old to the test.

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Unsurprisingly, these carvings are believed to be at least from 20,000 years ago by some historians. Although their beliefs and theories are often debunked or disregarded with the bare minimum courtesy by distortions of history. 

An Intimate Glimpse into the Human Civilizations

Among the most captivating depictions in the carvings are lifelike renditions of deer, rhinoceroses, and elephants. These carvings resonate with the profound connection between humans and nature. Yet, it is the portrayal of humanity that takes center stage in these ancient masterpieces.

Figures engaged in activities like hunting, fishing, and dancing provide an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of these human societies from at least 10,000 B.C.

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Deciphering Enigmatic Symbols

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The Ratnagiri Petroglyphs also feature intricate geometric patterns, ranging from circles and squares to enigmatic spirals. Although their precise meanings remain veiled in obscurity. Many historians believe these patterns hold profound symbolic significance, possibly representing celestial bodies, spiritual beliefs, or clan identities.

These petroglyphs are not merely products of artistic expression; they are a testament to the ingenuity and tenacity of their creators. Thriving in a challenging environment, these communities were able to articulate themselves through art. Thus, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to captivate and inspire Bharat today. Moreover, their presence questions the Abrahamic timelines of human development. Did you know that these carvings have magnetic properties? What does this mean? Are they more than just an expression of art? These questions only true blue scientists can answer.

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Unlocking India’s Past

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The revelation of the Ratnagiri Petroglyphs opens a new chapter in our comprehension of Bharat’s past. These ancient carvings provide priceless insights into the lives, convictions, and artistic expressions of humans who populated this region many millennia ago. 

To stand before these ancient relics is to witness history in the form of art’s timeless beauty. Moreover, Ratnagiri petroglyphs break the confines set by ‘distortians’ that want to limit human understanding to the Biblical versions. These Konkan coastal symbols of human legacy bear testimony to the boundless creativity. Moreover, these smack the Western-Bible-enforcing versions of human development in the face. The reluctant acceptance of the age of these carvings by academia shows that the world is ready for a new truth.

Let’s hope this truth is not colored by religion or favoritism. May the world understand human history in an unbiased way. May Bharat’s truths be acknowledged and accepted. Why you may ask? Just so that the inimitable self-imposed inferiority that the population of Bharat suffers from is lifted. Thus, Ratnagiri Petroglyphs beckons Bharat to explore the depths of its past and envision the limitless possibilities of our future.

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