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Lareb Hashmi Unleashes Violence in UP Similar To Kanhaiya Lal Case

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An Islamist went on a ‘peaceful’ rampage again! A harrowing incident from Uttar Pradesh showcases how ‘peaceful’ Lareb Hashmi assaulted an innocent Hindu in Bharat! ‘Peaceful’ Hashmi unleashed violence on a bus conductor Harikesh Vishwakarma in Prayagraj, UP. There are two versions of why he did this brutal act. The first one involves accusations of blasphemy and the other involves that the bus conductor was trying to protect a woman. In the second version, this woman had rejected this animal Lareb; however, he was still trying to pressure her to accept his suit.

प्रयागराज में B.Tech छात्र लारेब हाशमी ने बस कंडक्टर हरकेश की गर्दन काटी | Prayagraj B Tech student Lareb Hashmi slit bus conductor neck
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This brutal stabbing is similar to the gruesome murder of Kanhaiya Lal Teli, in Udaipur Rajasthan. The murderers of Kanhaiya Lal roam free on bail, thanks to Congress’ Ashok Gehlot! Let’s compare and contrast these two incidents to glean insights into the complex dynamics of the ‘peacefuls’ of Bharat.

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Lareb Hashmi vs. Kanhaiya Lal: A Comparative Analysis

Prayagraj | టికెట్‌ విషయంలో గొడవ.. బస్సు కండక్టర్‌పై కత్తితో దాడిచేసిన ఇంజినీరింగ్‌ విద్యార్థి-Namasthe Telangana
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Motivation Behind Attacks:

  • Lareb Hashmi: Accusations of blasphemy or protection of a woman’s dignity fueled the assault on Harikesh Vishwakarma.

    Moreover, the assailant justifies the attack through a social media video, expressing extremist views against those who insult Prophet Muhammad.

  • Kanhaiya Lal: Kanhaiya Lal’s murder was motivated by allegations that he shared a social media post supporting BJP’s spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Her remarks in 202 led to massive nationwide Muslim violence and riots.
Udaipur Kanhaiya Lal murder key accused shifted to hospital after health issues - India Today
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Nature of Violence:

  • Lareb Hashmi: The assault involved a cleaver and resulted in severe injuries to the bus conductor. The status of Harikesh Vishwakarma is as yet unknown. The assailant justified the attack through extremist rhetoric.
  • Kanhaiya Lal: Kanhaiya Lal’s murder was a gruesome act captured on camera, with the assailants posing as customers before killing him. The attackers, armed with butcher knives, claimed responsibility in a video posted online.

Location and Context:

  • Lareb Hashmi: The incident unfolded in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh inside a bus. The assailant wants to claim that the act was a response to the words or actions of the bus conductor. However, this 20-year-old B.Tech student was armed with a cleaver inside a bus. How is this attack spontaneous? Doesn’t it seem that he was prepared to kill a Hindu? 
  • Kanhaiya Lal: The murder occurred in Udaipur, Rajasthan, where the assailants entered Lal’s store posing as customers. They had planned the attack. They have positioned their video camera to record the brutal incident. This was a premeditated act against a Hindu. 

Response from Authorities:

  • Lareb Hashmi: The UP police promptly arrested Hashmi. He was shot in the leg during the arrest. The Hindus of UP have some hope of justice from the Yogi administration!
  • Kanhaiya Lal: The brutal murder prompted local authorities to announce a curfew and block internet access to curb the spread of videos. The assailants identified themselves in the circulated video. However, the murderers are out on bail and enjoying their lives in Gehlot’s Rajasthan! 

Lessons for Hindus: Mindset behind Kanhaiya Lal’s Murder and Lareb Hashmi’s Violence

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Both incidents expose that the One-Book religion ensures a safe space to encourage extremist views. The ‘peacefuls’ of Bharat are willing to openly resort to violence without fear of repercussions or authorities. It seems that minority appeasement policies are supremely successful! So much so that governments in a Hindu majority nation are scared to take decisive actions to ensure acts of violence in a ‘peaceful’ community are severely punished. 

Lareb Hashmi’s case reiterates that religious extremism of the ‘peacefuls’ usually manifests as violence against Hindus. Moreover, both cases showcase that Bharat and its government need to introspect urgent measures against ‘peaceful’ violence, ‘peaceful’ aggression, and ‘peaceful’ extremism. Let Bharat never forget the sacrifice of Kanhaiya Lal! May this brutal attack by ‘Peaceful’ Hashmi meet Bulldozer justice by Yogi Baba! Bharat must uproot Islamic extremism from its roots in India or else no other religion will ever experience peace in this land!

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