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Illegal Immigration: UP Police Arrests Pakistani Woman and her PUBG Lover

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A Pakistani woman and her four children were arrested by UP Police from Greater Noida. The 27-year-old Seema Haider traveled to India from Pakistan via Nepal to meet her lover Sachin. Seema Haider met the 22-years old Sachine on the PUBG gaming platform. The woman has no legal proof of identity or immigration. The police were alerted to the presence of Seema when the locals and the advocate reported her suspicious spy-like activities.

While the UP Police is yet to confirm the spying rumor, it is actively investigating the Pakistani woman and her young lover. The story of their romance sounds suspiciously like a Honey Trap. Although, the living conditions in Pakistan may also be the truth of Seema’s flight to India.

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The PUBG Romance or Honey Trap?

Pakistani woman meets Noida man through PUBG, comes to India with 4 kids, all detained - BusinessToday
PC Business Today

The Pakistani illegal immigrant Seema met her lover, Sachin, online. They would play games and chat on the PUBG gaming platform. Their increased interactions led to romantic feelings. The woman is married to a Pakistani man who works and lives in Saudi Arabia. She claims that domestic abuse led her into the arms of her Hindu online lover. However, she also claims that she hasn’t met her husband for the past 4 years.

PUBG and Pyaar Impossible makes Pakistani woman sneak in to India in search of Greater Noida man
PC dailyO

Seema Haider met Sachin in Nepal before coming to India. She has been living in India for the past month with him. The couple wanted legal guidance about marriage and legalizing her stay in India. The advocate found her statements and activities suspicious and alerted the police about her.

The couple tried to flee when the police came to arrest them. Currently, Seema, Sachine, her 3 daughters, and 1 son are under police custody.

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This may seem like a case of honey trapping the gullible Indian youth. Seema Haider claims domestic abuse but also claims a 4-year estrangement from her husband. One of her brothers is in the Pakistani Army. She took her family and took a flight to Dubai. Thereafter, she traveled to Nepal and then followed Sachin to India. The family possesses Pakistani passports, yet they were able to cross Indian borders. Her claims of a brother in the Pakistani Army is a clear recipe for a honey trap. However, the complicity of the Indian youth in her activities is yet to be confirmed.


India is repeatedly pulled to the brink of riots by the presence of illegal immigrants and appeasement politics. The numerous reports of illegal border jumps from all across the nation expose the dark truth of an attempt to change the demographics of various Indian states. New Delhi and the NCR region is a stronghold of Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims and other illegal immigrants.

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These immigrants are sometimes armed with fake Aadhar Cards and other identity proofs. Therefore, they pose a threat to the economy of India where they must be supported by the taxpayer’s money in refugee camps, detention houses, and immigration zones. Moreover, they pose a security threat to the sovereignty of India as they usually mix with radical elements to disrupt local peace and harmony. Finally, they are a security threat to India as they are usually sent across the border as part of the narcotics nexus or terrorism nexus. India is surrounded by hostile neighbors. Its naval and land borders are often violated despite the best efforts of the security forces. Thus, Indian citizens must arm themselves with awareness about the suspicious additions to their society. ‘Be Aware and Be Wise’ should be the mantra for the common man. 

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