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UP Resounds with Protests of Shamli Residents in the Face of Love Jihad

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A 19-year-old Hindu girl’s relatives and family protested outside the police station in Shamli, UP. The family states that a Muslim youth named Rashid fooled their daughter to convert to Islam and flee their home. Reports claim that this Muslim youth already has 1 Muslim bride and 3 other Hindu wives. Swami Yashveer Singh’s organization and Bajrang Dal united with the girl’s relatives to protest against this marriage at the Babri police station of Shamli District.

Love Jihad in Shamli

Shamli love jihad
PC OpIndia

Hindu activists want the Babri police station to make the Hindu girl return to the bosom of the family within the next 24 hours. They have also announced a panchayat on 22nd June against the accused Muslim youth of Adampur. The police have reassured swift action against Rashid and quick retrieval of the girl.

The girl was taken without permission from the home of her maternal relatives. The girl was a resident of Adampur village.

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She was a guest at her maternal uncle’s house in Sanauli Nagla village for the past three months. The accused Muslim youth, Rashid, frequently met the girl to convince her of his love and asked her to convert to Islam under the promise of marriage. When the girl was taken away, the relatives filed a missing person’s report. They were threatened to cancel their police complaint by Rashid and his relatives, Parvez and Nadeem. The police have registered cases against the accused Rashid, Parvez, and Nadeem. 

In the upcoming panchayat, the accusation of Rashid’s one Muslim and three Hindu wives may be discussed. Furthermore, the panchayat may study the agenda of Love Jihad of radical Muslim youths to love-trap Hindu girls for Islamic conversion. 

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The Radical Islamic Mindset Behind Love Jihad

Love Jihad: Ban On Polygamy Is A Better Option Than Making Special Laws
PC Swarajya

The cases of Love Jihad have been rocking the Indian media for a long time. The increase in the uproar against such practices by the Hindu communities shows the face of disillusioned secular Sanatanis. Most liberals claim that BJP propaganda is behind every Love Jihad case. However, they remain quiet on cases of violence against any Hindu boy who dares to love a Muslim girl. Recent news of the stabbing of a Hindu boy outside Aryabhatta College of Delhi is a prime example of such cases. Therefore, the silence of the media, secularists, and liberals is a true testament to the dangerous radical Islamic agenda behind Love Jihad.

Thus, Indians must understand that Islam views women as property. And a Muslim woman is not really free to choose her partner. She can only safely choose among those that are approved by her community and family. Moreover, radical Islamists consider women of other religions as an open game. They choose vulnerable Hindu girls as targets and force them to convert to Islam in order to fulfill their promises of marriage. The Indian law allows people of different religions to unite in marriage without religious conversion. Therefore, Hindu girls should love whoever they deem qualified for their affection; but they must question the need for religious conversion to give their love a legal status of marriage. Hindu women must identify the successful conversion philosophy that wears the disguise of Love Jihad. All Indians must distance themselves from anyone that forces religious conversion in the name of love. 

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