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Islamic Radical Teen-Conversion Racket Uncovered in UP

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The ‘peacefuls’ of India have been at it again. The UP police allegedly uncovered a conversion racket for underage children by radical Islamists. Currently, local authorities have arrested only one person for allegedly using the online gaming platform ‘Fortnite’; while another suspect from Maharashtra is on the run. The modus operandi of this group was to target teenage children and entice them to convert their religion to win the game.

Ghaziabad Conversion Case Exposes Rampant Misuse Of Gaming Platforms | Nation
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The radical elements of Islam successfully use the internet to propagate Islam through fair or foul means. Their current trend in India is to entice confused or non-practicing Hindus into questioning their beliefs and misleading them to accept Islam as the ‘One-True-Religion’. However, this attempt to convert underage children through a gaming app is taking it a level above all others.

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What is Fortnite?

Conversion via app case shows how children get swayed by virtual world
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Epic Games launched their popular battle royale game ‘Fortnite’ in 2017. Players fight one another for survival after being dropped onto a map with fellow players.

The aim is to collect weapons and items all while taking out opponents. The last surviving player is the winner of the game.

Fortnite specializes in using a unique large map for each season. Players need to have master shooting and planning skills to eliminate their competition. Moreover, players can build structures like forts, traps, and defensive covers using the materials collected by them during the game. These strategic elements of the game entice young players to keep coming back to reach the top players’ list.

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Islamic Conversion Racket aimed at Underage Boys 

Heard of Game Jihad? Here are detail of how three Hindus & a Jain boy started offering Namaz while playing online game
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The scam caught the attention of the parents of a Jain boy and two Hindu boys when their behaviors changed radically. The Jain boy’s father noticed his son covertly leaving the house under the pretext of going to the gym five times a day. However, the boy was visiting a mosque. He was also actively participating in Islamic activities. Furthermore, the father found that the boy’s phone and laptop were filled with Islamic reading material.

The racketeers used Muslim youths to create fake Hindu IDs to interact with other Hindu teenagers. They asked the Hindu teenagers to recite Quran’s verses after they lost a game. The Islamists stated that the power of Quranic verses enabled easy victory in the game ‘Fortnite’ the power of these. They built chat groups using ‘Discord’; a chat app ued by like-minded people to connect with each other. Thereafter the conversion-minded youth asked the Hindu teenagers to watch Videos of Zakir Naik and Tariq Jameel. They influenced these underaged boys to convert to Islam by manipulating their naïve minds.

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The ‘peacefuls’ never rest easy in mind. Their attempt to forcefully bring about ‘kayamat’ on earth is fueled by their thirst for ‘72 Hoorain‘ in Jannat. The anonymous nature of online interaction makes it easy for radical Islamists to reach vulnerable targets like underage teenage Hindu and Jain boys.

The only recourse for all parents is to strengthen their bonds with their children. They must also help children find their roots in their religion of birth. Non-practicing Hindus and Sleeping Sanatanis are the favorite prey of conversion enthusiasts. The only protection for children from their hungry claws is through re-discovering their religions and re-establishing their faith in their families. 

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