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Pakistani Court Refuses to Return Abducted Hindu Girl, Sohana Sharma Kumari, to Her Parents

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Pakistan continues to be plagued by atrocities against the Hindus. Another tragic incident unfolded on June 2, 2023. In this distressing event, a young Hindu girl was abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, and forced into marriage with a Muslim man. Adding to the heartbreak a Pakistani court callously denied her the right to reunite with her anguished parents. She made desperate pleas but to no avail.

The Crime

The harrowing ordeal began when Sohana Sharma Kumari was violently snatched from her own home. She is a 14-year-old girl from the Benazirabad district in Sindh province. With guns in hand, her tutor and his associates brazenly seized her in front of her devastated mother. Sohana’s father, Dilip Kumar, wasted no time in filing a police report. He hoped for swift action and the safe return of his precious daughter. However, what followed was a series of deeply troubling events that shattered the family even further.

A distressing video emerged, showing Sohana, clearly under duress, proclaiming her alleged conversion to Islam and forced marriage to a Muslim man. Nevertheless, her distraught parents vehemently maintained that she was just a minor. She had been coerced into making those statements against her will.

The incident sparked a wave of outrage on social media. It compelled the authorities to intervene and rescue the captive Hindu girl.

After five agonizing days, Sohana was finally located and recovered from a residence in the district.

Justice Denied

In their quest for justice, Sohana’s family accompanied her to the district court in Larkana on Friday, June 9. In a courageous testimony, she recounted the traumatic experience of her abduction. It was followed by the subsequent coercion to convert to Islam. Tearfully, she expressed her fervent desire to be reunited with her loving parents. She seeked solace and safety within her own family.

However, the judge, noticing signs of possible external pressure during her statement, decided to adjourn the case until June 12. As a result, Sohana was placed in a women’s shelter home. She is still awaiting the continuation of legal proceedings. It is deeply disheartening to note that this is an all-too-common pattern in Pakistan, where countless victimized girls like Sohana express their strong desire to return to their families, only to be sent to shelter homes by the courts.

Disheartening Atrocities

In the midst of this heartbreaking situation, Sohana’s mother, Jamna Sharma, bravely spoke to the media at the court. She revealed that her daughter had been receiving private tuition, and shockingly, her tutor had approached the family just days before the abduction, requesting a substantial loan of Rs 100,000. The family now questions the sinister motives behind the tutor’s actions and their potential connection to the traumatic events their daughter endured.

To compound the family’s anguish, Sohana’s father, Dilip Kumar, made the distressing discovery that the accused had presented forged documents in court, falsely claiming that their daughter willingly converted to Islam and married a Muslim man. This malicious act further deepened the family’s grief as they continue to fight for justice and the safe return of their beloved daughter.

Where Will The Hindus Go?

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by Hindus in Pakistan, highlighting the urgent need for the protection of their fundamental rights, freedom, and safety. Ironically all the Human Rights organisations are silent now. Till how long will the Hindus be beaten and where do they go now?!

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