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Growing Islamists On The Streets Of Delhi

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As the world’s most populous country, India is home to a diverse population of people from various religions and cultures. In recent years, there has been an increasing concern about the growing Muslim population in India. It poses a threat to the country’s fabric. The capital is under siege from the Islamists. It’s high time that people know about the population explosion.

Population Explosion

There are several reasons why the growing Muslim population in Delhi should worry everyone. With the rising number of Muslims in Delhi, there is a growing concern that the capital is under threat. Most corners of the city are hoarded by Islamists who come out in throngs to all public places.

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There is a fear among some that the growing Muslim population in Delhi could lead to a rise in Islamic fundamentalism and extremism. India has been the target of several terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic extremist groups in the past. There is a concern that  the growing Muslim population to carry out attacks.

Rising Communalism

The growing Muslim population in Delhi has also led to a rise in communal tensions between Muslims and Hindus. The Muslims are responsible for the country’s social and economic problems. This has led to several incidents of communal violence in the past. Such incidents could become more frequent as the Muslim population continues to grow.

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There is also a concern among some that the growing Muslim population in Delhi could lead to a change in the capital’s demographic balance. This is largely due to the fact that Muslims tend to have higher birth rates than other communities. It could lead to a situation where Muslims become the majority community in most areas of the capital.

It is important to address the concerns of those who fear that the growing Muslim population could pose a threat to the capital’s fabric. Ultimately, it is for the Hindus to realise that the growing Muslim population is a threat to the security of the capital.

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