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Another Day Another Ridiculous Claim by the Islamists – Mahmood Madani

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In an attempt to allay Muslim fears about the growth of “hate and religious prejudice,” Mahmood Madani, head of the Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind (Madani faction), has stated that the nation is as much his home as it is for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. He also labelled the country “the original motherland of Muslims” and “to imply that Islam is a religion that comes from outside is utterly false and historically unfounded”.

It is important to remember that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. There are a few operative aspects that emerge from Madani’s statement: Bharat was created because of Islam since India is an offspring of Islam; The first Prophet of Islam arrived in India; India is the home of Islam; Islam is the oldest religion, predating all others, including Hinduism.

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The World According to Islamists 

Given how Islamist supremacy works, Madani’s words may be used to demonstrate that Islam has initial claim to the civilisational country of Bharat, which is the home of Sanatan Dharma. His declaration would also validate the notion of ‘Dar ul Islam,’ which literally translates as ‘House of Peace,’ effectively a nation where Islam is paramount. Islamists have traditionally proclaimed that India is “Dar Ul Harb” which has to be converted into “Dar ul Islam”. Madani’s declaration that India is the progeny of Islam and that Islam is older than other religions in the nation confirms Islam’s claim to India and their “right” to make India into Dar ul Islam.

Islamists’ Short Sightedness

What is equally hazardous is that he refers to India as the country of Abul Bashar Sayyed Adam, the first Prophet who is regarded as the “father of humanity” in his speech. This, together with his claim that India is the child of Islam, has extremely hazardous implications for Hindus and Bharat.

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It is also very ironical that according to the Islamists, the world came into existence post The Prophet and there existed a great nothingness before that. It feels so juvenile to even counter this ridiculous remark. With this one blatant approach, the entire population of Islamists have proven how they fall short of their scientific knowledge (not surprising!) and sure enough remain unaware of the greatness of the Sanatan Dharma – the achievements in the field of science and technology by our sages that our Hindu religion boasts of so proudly. But this seems to fly over the head of the ignorant Islamic leaders.

Wearing the cover of the victims of Islamophobia, hatred is spewed by the Islamists under the veil of threats, which are baseless but are still threats to be reckoned with and taken into account.

While this claim of Bharat being the offspring of Islam stands no ground, it is worthy of noting that this account is followed to its words by the Muslims across the nation.

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Further, it was put forth that whilst the propagation of Islam is not hindered, they will “allow” and not hinder the spreading of the Santana Dharma. However, do not take this as a reassurance for given their way, the Islamists know how to bend rules and situations in their favour and whilst the government is yielding a firm hand towards them, the same needs to be followed by the Hindus as well. Let not these nonsensical nothings spoken by the Islamist cabal deviate the Sanatanis. Do not bend your religious affiliations and ethics because if push comes to pull, the other side will be ruthless in their approach.

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