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Athira Converted To Ayesha Using Narcotics In Saudi Arabia

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We have seen that how over the years cases of love jihad are increasing. With that the brutality and seriousness of the crime is taking many shapes. Kerala is one such hotspot of Islamic crimes in India. From ISIS to gold smuggling to forced conversion, every such religious jihadi crime is going n undisrupted. Now, Athira has been converted to Ayesha in Saudi Arabia. The links of Keralite Islamists groups with the international groups can be highlighted in this case.

What is The Issue?

Athira Mohan who was a radiologist belonging to Thrissur. She used to work in a hospital in Thrissur. In 2011 she married to Benny, who is a Christian. Their marriage was conducted under Special marriage Act without any disruption. Neither Benny ever tried to convert her. They also had a son in 2016.

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Howevr, to help the family financially Athitra decided to join a hospital in Saudi Arabia. To ake her life financially stable she left for Saudi Arab in 2017 and joined an orhganisation called Almas Ideal clinic.

Use of Narcotics on Athira

The hospital in which Athira used to work was run by Mustafa. And the manager of the hospital Asif who was the resident of Kottakal tried to mislead Athira. The whole plan to bring Athira in their fold was joined by Mustafa, the owner. While Mustafa also is a resident of Malappuram.

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Now they started tio use narcotic on Athira and in the name of ‘religious studies’ they used to send her to Zubair’s room. Zubair is a 66 year old man who was also included in abusing Athira.

Then after sometime she was shifted to a secret Jihadi Controlled facility near Red Sea, Yanbu. This place was almost 300 km far than where she lived. And in that centre Athira was converted and given the name Ayesha.

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Islamic Conversion Trap in Saudi

This came as a shock to Athira’s husband when he tried to contact her wife several times. Even in one phone call response in the hospital they said,

“Hey, you Kafir. Your wife, Athira Mohan, is no more. She became Ayesha. She will be known as the wife of Prophet Muhammad.”

Benny has told that Athira is under the grip of those Islamists and they are now trying to smuggle her to Syria. And definitely, as a sex slave.


This heinous crime done to a Hindu girl is not reported in the mainstream media. The kind of distress and suffering the women are going through remains unacknowledged by the society and the authorities. There is an urgent need to find the deep links of such Islamic conversion rackets. Moreover, girls and women need to be aware of how they must keep themselves on alert.

(Note: The case has been taken from the independent report done by the Hindupost)




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