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George Soros Transfers Empire to Son, Alexander, Promising Increased Support for Far-Left

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George Soros has chosen his son, Alexander Soros, to take over the management of his substantial $25 billion empire. Soros is the American billionaire known for his support of left-wing causes. Previously, George had stated that he would not pass on control of his Open Society Foundations (OSF) to any of his five children. He has now changed his decision. The OSF donates approximately $1.5 billion annually to promote liberal and progressive causes. It has faced criticism for funding regime changes under the guise of supporting democracies.

Billionaire George Soros hands control of empire to son Alex | The Straits Times
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Alexander Soros

George Soros' son has easy access to White House honchos
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In his first interview after assuming the role, Alexander Soros expressed his intention to continue his father’s liberal objectives. He wants to expand upon them.

Alongside shared views with his father, Alexander aims to advocate for voting and abortion rights, gender equity, and support left-leaning politicians in the United States.

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He has been actively engaged in discussions with notable figures. These include officials from the Biden administration, Senator Chuck Schumer. Alexander has also engaged with world leaders like Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trump Threat

Alexander expressed concerns about the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House. Soros jr indicated the likelihood of significant financial involvement from the Soros organization in the 2024 presidential race. His intention is to actively support political efforts aligned with his own views. He aims to counterbalance any perceived influence from Trump’s candidacy. However, he also acknowledges that freedom of speech has become constrained, even among his own generation.

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Left Notoriety

George Soros had previously expressed reluctance to have one of his children take over the OSF. However, he now believes that Alexander has earned the role. Alex Soros was elected as the chairman of the OSF board in December 2022 and also holds the position of president of Soros’ political action committee, Democracy PAC. The PAC receives substantial funding from Soros and supports election campaigns and political causes. Around $125 million has been allocated to the PAC, with $25 billion being directed to the OSF.

Soros has gained notoriety for his global campaign against right-wing governments, funding left-leaning organizations and initiatives. He has pledged $1 billion to establish a global university to combat what he sees as “authoritarian governments” and address the challenges posed by climate change. His Open Society Foundations have faced criticism for providing financial support to Islamist and Marxist causes, as well as engaging in political activities that interfere with the sovereignty of various countries. Soros’ involvement has positioned him as a controversial figure in global politics, influencing the trajectory of numerous nations.

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