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Hindu Shopkeeper, Dilip, Killed In Love Jihad!

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A tragic turn of events occurred in the Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, where the alleged murder of a young man marked the end of a love story between a Hindu grocery shop owner and his Muslim girlfriend. Dilip Jaiswal, known as Mintu, reportedly died due to strangulation at the hands of the family members of his Muslim lover, Nazia Bano.

The Incident Unfolded As Follows:

Mintu, a 28-year-old victim, and his father managed a grocery business in Ramganj Bazaar. Mintu had a romantic involvement with Nazia Bano, a resident of Parvatpur Pure Nagia. On the night of November 20, Nazia invited Mintu to her home. Tragedy struck, and Mintu allegedly faced death by strangulation at the hands of Nazia’s family members. His lifeless body was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan.

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Following The Incident:

The news of Dilip’s murder quickly spread, causing tension in the area. Pradeep, the deceased’s brother, filed a case against several individuals, including Nazia’s brother Asif and other family members, for the murder of Mintu.

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Police Investigation:

The police have detained six individuals, including Nazia Bano, who are currently under questioning.

The Superintendent of Police, Satpal Antil, and ASP West Rohit Mishra inspected the crime scene on November 21.

SP Antil stated that further action would be based on findings from technical and forensic investigations.

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Concerns About Foul Play:

Reports suggest that the victim’s viscera was preserved after the post-mortem due to concerns about potential toxic substances in his food. The fear of foul play has added complexity to an already heartbreaking situation. Dilip, also known as Mintu, was the youngest among his siblings, leaving behind a grieving family aware of his relationship with Nazia.

Family’s Account:

According to Dilip’s elder brother Pradeep, the events unfolded rapidly. Dilip closed his shop on the night of the incident and returned home around 7:30 p.m. Later that evening, a call from Asif informed Pradeep about his brother being caught in a compromising situation. Upon reaching the location, Pradeep discovered Mintu’s lifeless body hanging from a fan, leading to immediate police involvement.

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