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Another ’72 Hoorain’ inspired Love Jihad in Fatehpur, UP

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Mohammed Raju, a.k.a. Rajul, lured a minor Hindu girl into Islam followed by marriage, after kidnapping and raping her. This sick case of love jihad that occurred in UP’s Fatehpur district was inspired by the ’72 Hoorain’ concept of Islam. The victim, a 16-year-old girl, was first kidnapped on the evening of 28th June and later repeatedly raped by Mohammed Raju for days. She was reported missing by her family on the 1st of July. The police tracked Mohammed Raju’s phone to retrieve the girl on the 14th of July, but the damage was done by that time.

Complacent Cleric coverts Rape Victim 

17-Year-Old Dalit Girl Raped In UP's Fatehpur, Forced To Change Religion
PC Outlook India

Mohammed Raju fled once the police successfully tracked him using his mobile number. The authorities were able to rescue the young girl. However, family members state that she was wearing a burqa at the time of rescue. The girl’s statements verify that she was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by Mohammed Rajul. Thereafter, he forced her to convert in front of a Muslim cleric; who married the victim to her abuser. The burqa was forced upon her post the forced marriage. She was brutally assaulted and threatened with death to learn Islamic teaching and rituals. Her pleas and objections were smashed under the feet of her assailants. 

The police have registered a case against the Muslim youth under the POCSO Act and the relevant sections related to kidnapping and forceful religious conversion.

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However, there are no reports on the status of the cleric who assisted the youth in his nefarious plans. Presumably, the cleric is protected by his religious master who has political clout. The Fatehpur district’s neighborhoods are a hotspot for such activities in the name of Love Jihad. Reports claim that 4 similar cases transpired in the area last month itself.

The ’72 Hoorain’ Angle

Everything is fair in Islam”, 3 Muslim Men brutally rape a Pregnant Hindu Woman to attain 'Jannat' | NewsTrack English 1
PC News Track

Most radicals believe that forcing themselves on Hindu girls or Kafir women gives them a direct ticket to ‘Jannat’. Moreover, Islamic extremist clerics plant the idea that converting non-muslims guarantees direct entry into ‘Jannat’. The question arises why is ‘Jannat’ important to these simpletons. The gullible Islamic youths believe that 72 hoorain or nubile-forever-young-fair-maidens will cater to their physical pleasure in the supreme land of ‘Jannat’. The materialistic approach to religion that sanctions this extreme need for physical pleasure after death inspires the youth of Islam to try all possible means to harm or convert non-muslim women. 

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The police usually catch the assailant in such cases. They all face punishments as per the law. However, this does not end the misery of their victims or their families. These abusers ruin the lives of a living human being in their quest for divine pleasure after death. They leave behind a lifetime of scars that do not heal or fade away with time. If Muslim Leaders at all believe in peace and harmony for all humanity, then they would appeal to the youth of their community to stop such heinous acts against Indian women. However, it is unlikely that any ‘peaceful’ leader will preach against acts like these, as these sermons would probably condemn the teachings of their holy book.

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