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Death by Stone Pelting Highlights Nigeria’s Rising Radicalized Islamic Mobs

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The recent news of the death of a Nigerian national caused due to stone pelting by a mob of angry Muslims highlights the increasing dissent among the people of Nigeria. The Nigerian butcher named Usman Buda died dues to stone-pelting. Allegedly he made blasphemous statements against the Prophet Mohammed. An angry mob of fellow Muslim butchers decided to mete out swift justice to the accused on the spot. The graphic video of the incident on social media shows the rise of radicalized Islamic mobs in Nigeria.

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Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in Africa. 54% of the total population is Muslim. Sunni Muslims constitute the majority of Muslims in Nigeria, while Shia Muslims comprise the minority. Shia are approximately 4-6% of the total Muslim population of the country. Northern Nigeria is home to the Muslim population, while the south houses the Christians. The Muslim-Christian communal divide and disharmony are common sources of violence in Nigeria. Consequently, all Nigerians are quick to resort to violence in the face of the slightest perceived provocation. The stone-pelting death of this Muslim man by his fellow Muslims is another example of the rise of radical jungle justice in Nigeria.

Stone Pelting Controversy at Sokoto, Nigeria

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Usman Buda was a butcher in Sokoto. He was killed by fellow butchers after allegedly making blasphemous statements about the Prophet Muhammed. The victim belonged to the Gwandu Local Government Area of Kebbi State in Northern Nigeria. Usman Buda was killed by his fellow butchers, after he showed solidarity with Sheikh Abdul-Aziz’s controversial statement regarding Prophet Muhammed. The other butchers claim that he refused to apologize in repentance of his statement. His stance provoked the people who decided to lynch him to death.

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz is an Islamic scholar. His recent statements have been arousing hatred among his fellow Islamic scholars and locals.

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During a discourse in the month of Ramadan or Ramzan, he stated that Muslims must pray and seek assistance only from the One True God or Allah. He further stated they must not pray to any other saint or even the Prophet himself. This utterance was considered blasphemous by other Islamic camps. The intense reactions from these camps made the Bauchi State Shariah Commission summon Sheikh Abdul-Aziz to clarify himself. Since then he has been arrested and later released on bail for this incident. While the controversy of his statements continues, his public supporters are being lynched by hostile Muslim mobs.  

Intolerance and Violence of Islamic Mobs

Angry mob set 3 suspected thieves on fire in Lagos - Daily Post Nigeria
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The killing of Usman Buda is the second death by lynching for blasphemy in Sokoto, Nigeria. Last year Deborah Samuel was lynched to death by an angry Muslim mob. She was a Christian student who was accused of blasphemy for criticizing fellow classmates on WhatsApp. Her criticism consisted only of her dislike of her classmates’ habit of posting religious content in a study group. Such a simple post and opinion led to her gruesome death.

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These two instances highlight the low level of acceptance of dissent or disagreement in Nigeria. They underline the rising intolerance among the radical Muslim population of Nigeria. They also showcase the increasing ineptitude of the local Nigerian authorities when faced with an angry radical mob. The rise of Jungle Law where ‘Might is Right’ and ‘Mob is Boss’ is evident in these two unfortunate deaths in Nigeria.

Lessons for the Sleeping Sanatanis

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Nigeria has a Muslim-majority population. The government has enforced Sharia law in the Northern regions where the Muslim population predominantly resides. 12 of the 36 Nigerian states have local administrative bodies that follow Sunni Islam. These secular bodies treat incidences of lynching for supposed blasphemy as extrajudicial killing. Thus, authorities do not punish anyone from the mob for stone-pelting someone to death. This is exactly the way radicals misinterpret Islam and Quranic verses. 

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The Sleeping Sanatanis should awaken to the rising radicalization of Muslims in India. The increasing fervor among the radical Islamic sects wants India in the same position as Nigeria. They want increased conversions, increased Waqf board property, unregulated Madrassa education, etc. All of this paves the way for the Islamization of individual states in India. The radicals will then demand Sharia law in these states, similar to Nigeria.

 The ‘Sickularist’ and Liberals of India should awaken to realize that a radical Islamic mob is not a peaceful group. They do not even spare fellow Muslims when their religious fervor is roused. The ‘peacefuls’ are really not as peace-loving as the ‘Sickularists’ and Liberals want to believe. All Sanatanis should carefully observe others’ mistakes to learn the required lessons. They should unite in the name of Dharma to protect India from such radicalization of Islamic sects. They should put Sanatana Dharma before petty personal interests, or else the India of the future may resemble the Nigeria of today.

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