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The Ridiculous Phrase Called “Terrorism has no Religion”

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The phrase “terrorism has no religion” is ridiculous, terrorism will continue to be Islamic by nature and by its doctrines

Terrorism is are acts of launching attacks on civilian and military targets to fulfill some goals, primarily political ones.

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However, since the advent of modern international terrorism which reached its zenith in 9/11, there has a pernicious tendency.

The tendency is to be politically correct on the issue of condemning terrorism but not identifying the source of it.

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Politicians, journalists, academics and people from other walks of life say that terrorism has no religion.

But let’s be honest, terrorism had and will continue to have strong religious undertones. Terrorism is fomented and propagated by Islam.

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Islam-Terrorism’s Lodestar

95% of all terror attacks anywhere in the world is Islamic terrorism. Yet, people refuse to identify that religion as a source where terrorism emanates.

The holy of Muslims in several verses calls for jihad. Islamic theologians like Ibn Tahmayya, Abdul Al Wahab, Shah Walliullah Dehlavi all gave a clarion call for committing jihad against infidels or unbelievers.

In the process, they cite several Quranic scriptural injunctions to justify it.

Jihad, they argue is necessary to ‘spread the one true faith-Islam’.

Therefore, it is only expected that Islamic terror groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban all follow the command of their religion.

Robert Spencer, an American security expert has in A History of Jihad-From Mohammed To ISIS has highlighted, using in-depth research that Islam glorifies and scripturally sanctions terrorism.

Fatal Not to Call Out the Hypocrisy

There is, therefore, no doubt that the failure to call out this hypocrisy is fatal.

This is also related to the fact that the European countries by refusing to identify Islam as a source of terrorism have followed a liberal refugee policy.

Look what havoc it is causing in those countries.

It is imperative that the Europeans and other non-Muslim countries of the world identify terrorism with Islam and take actions accordingly.

Doing the Correct Thing

It is imperative that the non-Muslim countries recognize that terrorism has a particular religion.

Doing so will actually help in giving a concrete definition of what terrorism is. In fact, terrorism’s identification with Islam can actually help trigger possible reformatory movement in that religion.

On top of that, it is absolutely essential that all European countries develop a strict asylum regime. No migrants who come across the Mediterranean Sea must be allowed, not even women and children.

These refugees do not consider themselves to be a part of the society that they aspire to be a part of for better quality life.

These Muslim refugees do not accept the European customs, traditions, language and want to maintain the exclusivity of their identify.

Why take such refugees who will do nothing but undermine the social fabric of your country.

Poland, Hungary and Italy are showing the way, perhaps it is necessary that the rest of non-Muslim world follows this.

Also, it is advisable that the Muslim world reform themselves, otherwise a clash among civilizations is not far.

Therefore, let’s not fall for the ridiculous phrase called “terrorism has no religion”.


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