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A Case of “Jannat” And “72 Hoorain” From Indore

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In another¬†case of “Jannat” And “72 Hoorain”,¬†a 12-year-old girl belonging to a tribal community was brutally gang-raped by three Muslim construction workers in the Khudel police station area of Indore district, Madhya Pradesh. The incident, which highlights the vulnerability of children around our Islamists has been swept under the carpet!

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Peacefuls Seeking “Jannat” and “72 Hoorain”

The prime accused, Armaan Khan (19), alias Gattu, confessed to the police that he believes that engaging in sexual acts with Hindu girls would guarantee him a place in Jannat and be rewarded with 72 Hoorain. This disturbing religious indoctrination has come to light in previous cases involving sex crimes and forced conversions. Such cases reflect the urgent need for addressing religious radicalisation. The obsession with Jannat and the lure of the 72 Hoorain is the indoctrination that results in such atrocities!

The Horrific Incident

The victim’s mother stated that the family had entrusted the construction of their house to a contractor named Ashraf. On Thursday, July 6, while the mother briefly left for some errands, the three accused workers arrived at the house to work on cutting bars.

Armaan Khan forcibly raped the girl, taking advantage of her solitude. His accomplices, Raees Idu Khan (23) and Raees Sheru Khan (24), also took turns sexually assaulting the helpless child.

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When the mother returned, the traumatized girl immediately disclosed the horrifying ordeal she had endured. The mother promptly lodged a complaint with the police, and swift action followed.

Arrest Of The Rapists

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The contractor, Ashraf, was immediately questioned to identify the perpetrators. However, the accused had switched off their mobile phones and gone into hiding by then. Nevertheless, the relentless efforts of the police and cooperation from the suspects’ relatives led to their arrest a few hours later. The timely apprehension of the culprits has undoubtedly provided some solace to the victim and her family.

During the interrogation, Armaan Khan’s disturbing mindset was exposed. His beliefs were deeply rooted in the teachings of radical religious leaders and madrasa instructors. The case once again highlights the urgent need for countering extremist Islamist ideologies that breed such abhorrent behavior.

Justice Yet?

The district administration commendably executed the demolition of the illegal construction linked to the main accused, exemplifying swift justice. The authorities proactively safeguarded the community by deploying police in the vicinity before dawn. It prevented potential unrest, resulting in the successful demolition by noon.

This heart-wrenching incident starkly reminds us that the idea of secularism as is forced on Hindus is flawed! It is so sad that none of the major mainstream media outlets covered this incident or even brought it out to light.

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