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Why Islam is so Problematic?

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The mountain of controversies surrounding Islam shows that it is inherently problematic

Islam, the fastest growing major religion and the biggest monotheistic faith in the world has been a controversial faith since its inception.

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Today, even as the world is battling climate change, economic slowdown and other problems, a battle is raging within Islam.

The battle is for legitimacy.

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To be blunt, people of Muslim faith all over the world are looked at with suspicion no matter how good a human being they are.

This is because of the chequered track record of Islam on rights of women, peace, tolerance etc.

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It, therefore, has become necessary to understand the problem in Islam and how it is antiethical to to modern civilization.


Islam is out and out anti-woman. The scriptural sources of authority in this religion-the Quran and the hadiths articulate a caustic anti-women tone.

Muslim men can practise polygamy (marry upto four wives), can engage in incest, deny women equal inheritance rights are some of these provisions.

Further, verse 222 of Sunah Al-Baqarah as mentioned in the main religious book of Muslims specifically prohibit Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men until “they believe”.

‘Believe’ here means conversion.


Peace and Islam are fundamentally at loggerheads with each other.

Islam doesn’t really believe in the concept of peace.

It uses war as a means of not only furthering its boundaries but also acquire new momins, that too by proselytization.

The fact that terror attacks anywhere in the world happen everywhere in the world in the name of Islam shows its true nature.

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Lashkar e Toiba are all terror organisations carrying forward the ‘crusade’ against infidels globally.

All these are in the name of Islam.

No Tolerance

Tolerance is certainly not in the DNA of Islam. It doesn’t believe in co-existence unless there is distinct influence in the pre-Islamic period.

It doesn’t tolerate polytheism. In fact 112:2 of the Holy Quran explicitly states that polytheism is akin to a sin before the supreme deity in Islam.

This explains why the early history of Islam is so bloody and conflict ridden.

It highlights Islam’s stated aversion to polytheistic faiths which it considers to be pagan and hence advocates its removal by any means.

Who is a Real Muslim?

Another problematic aspect of this religion is who is a real Muslim? A Shia, Sunni, A Yazidi or who?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen are some Muslim countries where sectarian infighting is rampant. On top of that there is the caste divide in that religion in South Asia-Ashraf Muslims of Arab ancestry will not marry Ajlaf Muslims.

Who is a real Muslim is evident from the pathetic condition of Pakistan and the hatred towards Ahmadiyas.

Therefore, will Islam ever learn to be not problematic?

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  1. “Why Islam is so problematic?”
    The answer is simple. Islam is problematic just because of 3 words.

    All the CHAOS in the world since the last 1400 years is JUST BECAUSE OF 3 WORDS.


    HALLUCINATION -is what paedophile Muhammad had while he ‘RECEIVED’ Quran in a cave on Mount Hira.

    ILLUSION -is what he ‘SHOWED’ as Quran to make followers.

    DELUSION -is when his followers
    ‘BELIEVED’ Quran to be true.

  2. Не могу ответить в существующую тему, что делать ??
    Может я делаю что то не так?
    Прошу подсказать.

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