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Sajid Mir Poisoned in Prison: Mumbai Terror Attack Mastermind Meets Unknown Men?

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All good things to those who wait! In a twist of events that remain shrouded in mystery, reports allege that Sajid Mir is on ventilator support. Reports also state that this mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks was poisoned while in a Pakistani Jail.

It looks like Sajid Mir will meet his 72 Hoors soon! As the world awaits an official update, the reach of Unknown Men and Bharat is under scrutiny. Unofficially, reports state that Pakistan Army airlifted the chief commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) to a hospital. Allegedly he fell victim to poisoning and is on his deathbed.

The Games People Play: Sajid Mir, China, the World

Sajid Mir was in his 40s and was the chief commander of LeT. This extremist organization is notorious the world over for its involvement in numerous terrorist activities in India and abroad. Mir played a pivotal role, along with Hafiz Saeed, in orchestrating the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. After his indictment in a US District Court in 2011, Mir faced numerous charges of terrorism, terror funding, murder, and attack on foreign governments. The US also placed a $5 million bounty on him.

India Slams China for Blocking Move to Designate Sajid Mir as 'Global Terrorist'
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In 2023, the joint proposal by New Delhi and Washington to list Sajid Mir as a global terrorist was rejected by China. Consequently, India criticized China for its duplicity in policies of terrorism. Unapologetic China played the unofficial game of ‘Good Terrorist and Bad Terrorist’ in regard to this matter.

Until recently, Bharat was still struggling to gain the acceptance of the world to freeze Mir’s assets as well as instill a travel ban and arms embargo on him. 

How are the Unknown Men related to Sajid Mir’s Poisoning?

कौन थे सम्राट अशोक के नौ गुप्त व्यक्ति यानी 'द 9 अननॉन मैन', जानिए डिटेल्स - know the details of the 9 unknown men of ashoka - Navbharat Times
PC Navbharat Times

Recently, authorities relocated Sajid Mir to the Central Jail of Dera Ghazi Khan from the Lahore Central Jail. Sajid has been safe while incarcerated in Lahore since last year. He was serving a 15-year jail term for a terror financing case.

Allegedly Mir’s poisoning came shortly after he shifted to the new location. Some reports  claim that the jail cook has gone missing. If he dies, then it would be the next demise of India’s enemies in a series of mysterious deaths of high-profile terrorists across the world. Many times ‘Unknown Men’ take revenge on terrorists that have wreaked havoc in Bharat.

As Bharat awaits confirmation of Mir’s health status, the situation raises some pertinent questions about who is ensuring that India’s attackers meet their 72 Hoors.

  1. Are they hired goons by the Indian security agencies?
  2. Is India directly involved in the elimination of its threats?
  3. Is Pakistan and other terrorist nations eliminating their own weak members using the ‘Unknown Men’ disguise?
  4. Has India struck a deal with Pakistan’s separatists to destroy its enemies? 
  5. Are the recent deaths a collaboration of Pakistan’s ISI and Bharat’s RAW?

The answers to these questions are probably only known to the mysterious hands that make strategic moves on the chessboard of geopolitics. Well, India can ready itself to successfully strike off Sajid Mir’s name from its wanted list. We won’t quarrel on who is truly behind these attacks! Bharat just appreciated neutralization of its enemies! Thus, let’s pray that those who have wrought horror in Bharat shall face the same punishment the world over by the hands of justice!

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