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Another Terrorist In Pakistan Is Dead

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Another terrorist in Pakistan is dead, this is a really interesting trend that has taken social media by storm

The American government at the height of the Vietnam War was concerned about the Domino effect.

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This Domino effect was based on the idea that like a game of dominoes if one country in South-East Asia to communism, others would quickly fall to the communist wave.

Something exactly like this is happening in Pakistan and that too in rapid succession.

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Terrorists in Pakistan are dropping like dead houseflies. Everyday a news surfaces of wanted terrorists being neutralized.

I salute those brave ‘unknown gunmen’ who are doing Bharat a great service by eradicating these termites from the face of the Earth.

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So, let’s delve into the latest incident of another despicable dead terrorist.

The Incident

LeT terrorist Akram Khan Alias Akram Ghazi has been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Bajaur, Pakistan.

He was on the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists from Pakistan and was also wanted in Bharat for a number of terror activities.

This fellow was responsible for the recruitment of cadres for the Lashkar-e-Taiba on one hand and on the other hand fomenting terror activities in Jammu & Kashmir.

He was also responsible for a number of terror attacks against the Armed forces in Bharat and for keeping the terror pot boiling in the Kashmir valley.

ISI is Running Scared

Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI which prides itself as the world’s “best spy agency” is way too scared.

While they are continuing to prepare nefarious plans to try and destroy Bharat by all possible means, the elimination of such Pakistani “state assets” clearly has the ISI worried about the drop in terror ranks.

Further, it is growing increasingly frustrated about their inability to foment trouble in Jammu and Kashmir and certainly not in any other part of the country.

The news of another terrorist in Pakistan is dead is sure to rattle the security establishment of Pakistan.

The Mullah-Military nexus in Pakistan is running scared. But run all you want Islamic terrorists, Bharat will hunt you down.

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