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Arfa’s Ugly Political Approach For Hindu Votes

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In a recent discussion on Assembly Election results for five states, Arfa Khanum Sherwani sparked a controversial debate. She suggested that political parties might need to compromise on their ideological principles for electoral success.

The Politics of Soft Hindutva:

Arfa Khanum Sherwani highlighted the prevalence of ‘soft Hindutva’ in Indian politics and questioned whether opposition parties should consider aligning with it to secure victories in elections. She proposed that after winning elections, these parties could then shift towards more secular politics.

The Slippery Slope:

Chaurasia rightly pointed out the potential consequences of political parties embracing an ideology solely for electoral gains. He emphasized that the pressure from stakeholders and the electorate might create ambiguity about the party’s true stance post-election.

The Primacy of Winning Elections:

Arfa Khanum Sherwani’s viewpoint suggests a prioritization of winning elections over adhering to political ideology.

This approach not only goes against political ethics but also risks creating a perception of opportunism among voters.

Playing with Sentiments:

The suggestion to adopt soft Hindutva(for Hindu Votes) during election campaigns, as practiced by some political parties, raises concerns about playing with the sentiments of Hindus. By strategically aligning with certain ideologies during elections and then pivoting afterward, leaders may inadvertently contribute to polarization and erode trust among voters.

Arfa Khanum’s Advice to Muslims:

This is not the first instance where Arfa Khanum Sherwani has advocated for a strategic shift in ideology. During the anti-CAA protests in January 2020, she advised Muslim protesters to appear inclusive as part of a strategic approach.

Arfa’s disgusting approach rears its head and signals to the non Hindus. Dividing Hindu votes has become a priority for propaganda meddlers like her! Seeing the state election results must have set her heart burning! Beware Hindus, the cunning of political games have just begun!

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