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Congress’ Divisive Tactics: North-South Narrative

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The recent assembly elections in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh have exposed a disconcerting trend within the Congress ecosystem. Faced with a series of humiliating losses, instead of engaging in introspection and gracefully accepting the public mandate, the party and its supporters have resorted to a dangerous narrative. One that seeks to stoke up the north-south divide and deepen existing fissures within the diverse fabric of Indian society.

Modus Operandi Of Congress

The historical modus operandi of the Congress party has been grounded in divisive politics, where the strategy involved pitting one caste and religion against another to maintain a stronghold on power. However, the emergence of Prime Minister Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party disrupted this longstanding approach by dismantling caste divisions. Faced with electoral setbacks, the Congress party found itself in a quandary, desperately seeking a new issue to exploit – leading them to play up the north-south divide.

Election Aftermath

In the aftermath of the elections, the Congress ecosystem, including leaders and supporters, took to social media platforms. They downplayed the electoral losses but also to ridicule and insult the people of north India. This manifested in the use of derogatory terms such as ‘cow belt’ and making sweeping presumptions about the voters in the north. They labelled them as illiterate, uninformed, and backward.

This condescension and intolerance displayed by the Congress ecosystem reflects an unwillingness to accept that their ideas and campaigns failed to resonate with a significant portion of the electorate.

With loss in 3 states, a generation of Congress leaders faces uncertainty. Clamour for new guard grows
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The initial failure of the Congress’s rhetoric around conducting a caste-based census prompted the party’s ecosystem to swiftly activate another divisive narrative. The North vs South divide came to their rescue. Rather than humbly accepting defeat, they aimed to fuel regional rifts, possibly with an eye on the 2024 general elections. It’s an attempt to shield the Gandhi family-led Congress leadership from public scrutiny.

Divisive Congress

This myopic strategy involves denigrating north Indians as uneducated, uninformed, illiterate, Hindi-speaking, and bigoted. Such divisive tactics may offer short-term gains for the Congress ecosystem in terms of rallying a certain segment of their base, but it raises questions about the party’s commitment to fostering a united and harmonious India. The focus on regional divides and insults, instead of addressing the broader concerns and aspirations of the entire nation, could have significant implications for the Congress party’s long-term relevance and appeal.

As political observers ponder the consequences of this divisive political approach, only time will reveal whether these strategies will pay off for the Congress party in the long run. The challenge for any political organization lies not only in securing electoral victories but also in building a sustainable and inclusive narrative that resonates with the diverse mosaic of the Indian electorate.

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