Thursday, July 25, 2024

TMC Leader Promises Bangladeshis Voter ID Ahead of 2024 General Elections

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West Bengal and TMC are known to be supporters of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh! Unofficial sources always confirm that the demography of West Bengal is being slowly changed by the steady influx of Muslims from across the border.

However, a recent controversy ahead of the 2024 General Elections is on the brew! TMC leader, Ratna Biswas, allegedly vowed to help Bangladeshis get Voter IDs in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. This contentious statement, captured in a viral video, shows the True Face of Repeated Wins for TMC in West Bengal! They are burdening the government resources to establish illegal immigrants while mocking the integrity of Indian democracy! They are the true reason that India’s Democracy is in Danger!

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The Controversial Statement by Madam Biswas

Ratna Biswas, an ex-Panchayat Pradhan, appeals to Bangladeshi immigrants to enroll their names for voting in a video. She specifically mentions contacting Zakir Bhai for assistance in the process, stating, “This work should be done fast.”

The TMC leader’s remarks raise concerns about the manipulation of voter lists to ensure a favorable mandate for the corrupted party. If a local leader can ensure the participation of non-citizens in India’s democratic process, what are the leaders at the top doing? Are they selling off Bharat’s democracy for Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton bags? Or are they bargaining with ‘Parivar-vadi’ parties for self-interests?

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TMC ‘s Unbelievable Rebuttal and Clarifications

Bangladeshis of WB should enroll in voter list, says TMC leader । Sangbad Pratidin
PC Sangbad Pratidin

Mr. Jakir Hossain, the ex-chairman of the local Panchayat Samiti, defended Ratna Biswas. This man whose reference Ratna Boswas gives states that the statements were misunderstood and misconstrued. Hossain’s version says that the leader did not mean Bangladeshis!

She only meant those who are facing difficulty in registration will be assisted. He cleverly attempts to whitewash the truth! The leader specifically says Bangladeshis! Not Bengalis! Do the people of Bharat still believe his pacifist nonsense?  

BJP Calls for Investigation

The local BJP has strongly criticized Mamta Banerjee and her stooges. They accuse the TMC of nefariously polluting the Indian electoral process. Is providing assistance to include Bangladeshis in Bharat’s electoral rolls not a form of betrayal of the nation? State President Sukanta Majumdar has demanded a thorough investigation into the matter. 

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In May last year, TMC MP Alo Rani Sarkar from the Bangaon Dakshin constituency was revealed to be a Bangladeshi national. The Calcutta High Court ruled that she was not qualified to contest the assembly election in 2021 as she was not a citizen of India. Does this mean that TMC actively incorporates illegal immigrants into Bharat’s democracy? Is this how they win every time?

A Wake-Up Call For West Bengal

No photo description available.
PC Facebook @Nation with Namo

This latest video and its surrounding controversy underscores the deeply corrupted minds of TMC and its leaders. They are not working for the betterment of the state or its people. They are instead busy lining up their own pocket by selling questions in Lok Sabha. Or they are diluting Bharat’s electoral processes. Thus, why does West Bengal support Mamata Di and her stooges? For freebies? Where will Bengalis end up if Bangladeshi are allowed to enjoy the benefits offered by the government on their behalf? The pseudo-intellectuals are busy critiquing PM Modi or BJP, but the true-thinking individuals should take a good look at the video. The 2024 general elections are the time to choose the future of Bharat and not Bangladeshis! Will Bengalis do the right thing again this time? Who knows!!!

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