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Pathaan – The Overhyped Bollywood Failure

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Newly released Pathaan, the latest movie from ‘the so-called and entitled’ Shahrukh Khan, has just been released. Bollywood’s biggest hopes were pinned on Pathaan when it was released amidst much fanfare. To create hype for Pathaan, Shahrukh Khan’s big-ticket release after a long gap, massive PR machinery was put in place. The media-coordinated events were aimed to raise hype among the public. Unfortunately, despite the inflated numbers Shahrukh and his team try to show, the result hasn’t been what they expected.

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The Same Hate Saga Of Bollywood

There hasn’t been an end to the Hindu hatred of the Bollywoodians aka Urduwood. If you can remember, let’s draw parallels! Back in 2004, they released a movie on the same subject that depicted ex-Indian army personnel in a negative light…any guesses?

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The movie was Main Hoon Na, and it is astonishing to note that there hasn’t been an iota of change amongst the Bollywood tribe in nearly two decades. In Pathaan, one can clearly see the hatred and biased perspectives that are displayed. There is a flaw in the premise of the film, which encourages hatred towards our own Braveheart officers and intelligence personnel.

This movie is a sham in its entirety with its premise, in that India shown only exists in their vicious minds. The fact that it shows India doesn’t care about its intelligence officers, that terrorist attacks aren’t carried out by Jihadis but by disgruntled R&AW officers who harbor hatred for India due to being abandoned by the system, is far from reality.

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When Afghanistan is depicted as a just, loving, and compassionate society, the absurdity continues.

Afghanistan is known worldwide for its oppression, barbarism, mania, and cruelty towards women, so how about having a Besharam Rang in Afghanistan? Perhaps then the Bollywood libtards will realize what love and compassion really are.

Yet again, the limited brain size of these arrogant and self-entitled actors is displayed when Pakistan is presented as a well-meaning nation to India. Therefore, claiming that ISI officers are crucial to saving India from terrorist attacks and that if the Pakistani establishment learns of any biological warfare against India, they will hang those responsible, is pure bigotry. What a surprise! Let’s just forget about the 26/11 attacks, the Rajasthan blasts, and the Parliament attack…because all that was fiction! Right?? Armymen and people losing their lives is all a big joke to these obnoxious actors and filmmakers.

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Trying to portray Pakistan as a country that is opposed to terrorism is nothing but a white lie. Pakistan is a major terror state that sustains on nothing but anti-Indian and mainly anti-Hindu hate.

To top it off, the Pathaan movie portrays Indian undercover agents falling in love with their ISI counterparts and even turning against allies like the Russians in return.


Analyzing Pathaan unbiasedly, one can conclude that it is a full-fledged propaganda film. Our filmmakers are attempting to portray our rowdy and fascist Muslim neighbors in a positive light, while the reality is the exact opposite.

Actors, filmmakers, and their PR agencies hyped the film as a house-full hit, but it was a blatant lie. Seats booked across various theatres, nationwide, can give people a sense of reality. Though the movie was released during the long weekend, however much the Urduwood gang tried to portray, the reality was far different from what was expected. There is no doubt that Pathaan is a failure, and no matter what hype generators or bots say, Hindus have awakened and these actors better embrace this reality.

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