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Once A Beggar, Always A Beggar

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Once a beggar, always a beggar, this title is befitting for a country like Pakistan

In a hilarious incident, 16 beggars were arrested by Pakistani authorities in Multan who were to board a flight en-route to Saudi Arabia for begging. The beggars were planning to fly to that country taking the ‘katora’ in hand to ask for money.

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The hilarious nature of this incident highlights the dire straits the Pakistani people are in and the extent they willing to go to survive.

But this situation of Pakistan is not new; they have been doing this for quite some time now.

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UAE snubs Pakistan

That begging is in Pakistan’s DNA is in little doubt. For the past 75 years they have been begging from various institutions and countries- the chief provider being USA.

But given the severe decline of the Pakistani economy, the people are literally willing to do anything and everything possible to salvage them.

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It is in this context that the UAE has slapped Visa ban for Pakistanis.

The reason-90% of the beggars who are caught in West Asian countries and who land up in jails in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc hail from Pakistan.

Even UAE knows the aukat of Pakistan. Throughout their diplomatic history UAE has been one of the staunchest allies of Pakistan, but now even they had enough.

The Emiratis are thinking that instead of a two-way positive sum relationship Pakistan is taking more and more from the UAE in the form of loans, oil and other commodities and returning nothing.

The Emiratis are now well aware that the Pakistanis are nothing but nuisance wherever they go and do end up creating a mess.

Pakistan will not change

Pakistan will never change. This ‘jazbawala’ Qaum will continue with its old ways and will always remain a ‘bhikari’ in its intentions and mentality.

After donkeys and terrorists, beggars are the latest Pakistani exports. Hence Pakistan will remain a country with the title-once a beggar, always a beggar.

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