Friday, June 9, 2023

Kajal Hindustani Arrested For Empowering The Hindus

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Muslims curb freedom of speech in various ways. They enact blasphemy laws that criminalize insulting or offending religious beliefs or figures, often based on Islamic principles. These laws are utilized to silence critics of the government or religious leaders and suppress dissent in several Muslim countries, such as Pakistan. The government or religious authorities strictly control the media in many Muslim societies. As a result, journalists and media outlets censor themselves and avoid covering controversial topics for fear of retribution.

Extremist groups such as ISIS or al-Qaeda silence dissent and enforce their extremist ideology by using violence and intimidation. This creates a climate of fear and self-censorship among individuals who are afraid to speak out against them.

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Censoring Hindus

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India is not an Islamic nation, but still adheres to these sanctions for Muslims.

In such a situation another fierce lady, Kajal Hindustani, spoke against love jihad, forced conversions and violence against Hindus.

She empowered the Hindus by urging them to take up arms against these violent acts to protect oneself.

This did not sit well with a nonsense fact checker. He incited his community against her, the same way he did against Nupur Sharma. The result is as follows: Kajal Hindustani has been arrested!

Outrage Amongst Hindus

How is this a fair judgement? Why is a fierce, Hindu woman arrested for calling out action for self defence?! What in the world is happening in India, wherein a lowly fact checker is continuously inciting and giving threats to Hindu warriors fighting for Dharma!

This fierce lady has always been very categorically clear about her thoughts. She stated very clearly that she has a problem with Jihadi terrorism. So why did this pinch the fact checker? She did not say anything against peaceful elements, her issue is with the terror packets roaming around.

Are we still going to stick to the narrative of secularism or do we unite to raise our voice against this one sided injustice that is always claiming Hindu lives? Hindu lives also matter!

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