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Nupur Sharma – Deliberate Harassment by Alt News Co-founder Mohd. Zubair

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The Alt News co-founder is back to doing what he does best, stirring communal hatred and spreading false news. BJP’s national spokesperson and leader of Delhi’s BJP unit has recently received acrimonious threats and verbal abuse. There were numerous tweets that threatened her. Some threatened to have her beheaded. The incident occurred when Alt News founder Mohammed Zubair shared a video of hers by twisting and turning the facts. In an abhorrent manner, he deliberately incited vicious haters to attack her.

The Case

Md. Zubair is known for spreading hatred and actively opposing Hindu interests. Under the auspices of secularism and press freedom, he propagates Islamic hatred and brutality. Islam does not consider harassing and hounding women to be new or unusual. Freedom of speech and expression is never understood by those promoting Shariah in the garb of religious freedom. In this abominable act of spreading false lies about Nupur Sharma, a deliberate effort is being made to harass Hindus. The sad reality is that many ‘secular’ Hindus too are a part of this smear campaign run against Nupur Sharma.

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In an episode of Times Now regarding the disputed Gyanvapi structure, Nupur Sharma said that people are openly mocking the Hindu faith. Therefore, why are they not seeing the irrational beliefs propagated by others? The discovery of a Shivling at the Gyanvapi site prompted countless Muslim extremists to make vile, perverted, and disgusting remarks about it. And yet they were never given death threats, so why is the road to secularism or freedom of speech one-sided? Islam believes that their law and rights are unsurpassable and unassailable, but when it comes to non-Muslims, the hypocrisy is obvious.

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Nupur Sharma was targeted, so the question is, why? Because the video in question was shared with ill-intention by Zubair as he took it out of context and shared it with his followers. Nupur was declared a rabid communal hatemonger and an instigator of riots by him. The fanatic Islamists not leaving a chance, viciously attacked Nupur Sharma. This behavior of their stems from the fact that whatever they do or say will go unpunished.

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With several similar incidents like Kamlesh Tiwari’s and countless others, it is unfortunate that the administration still hasn’t woken up.

Silence of the Central Government

It is deafening and a baffling silence from a government at the center that was elected by a thumping majority and has Hindu support. This government keeps silent when Hindus are threatened time and time again. This is strange since the Delhi Police falls under the ambit of the Central Home Ministry. The BJP has always used Hinduism as a platform to win elections, their timid approach to protecting Hindu rights isn’t welcome. While the spokesperson of the BJP was targeted today, the reality facing Hindus at the ground level is terrifying. This hasn’t been a one-off case, but in the recent past BJP’s Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga was also deliberately harassed.

To ensure Hindus’ rights are protected, immediate action must be taken. The Hindus’ freedom and justice have already been threatened by the Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas narrative. The Hindus in India are considered second-class citizens, and this must change. This narrative of secularism and brotherhood is for those who believe in inclusive and mutual unity, not those who perpetrate hatred, brutality, and intolerance.

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