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Secret leaked Documents Of US; Reveals On Ukraine War

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The way secret Pentagon files have been leaked through social media, is a buzzing news. That is definitely going to hurt and put a blemish on the US defence mechanism. But, what is more wondering is the information leaked in with those documents. In the beginning of March first batch of the documents were released in Discord app. While on Friday 100 more such documents from pentagon are leaked through twitter.

The secret information revealed through these documents include Ukraine, Russia, Israel and even South Korea.

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What’s In The Leaked Secret Documents?

As per the reports in NBC News, more than 50 classified documents, some labeled “Top Secret,” have been leaked and appeared online in March. NBC News obtained a copy of these documents, which are believed to be genuine but could have been tampered with, according to a senior U.S. official. The documents are showing a concern with regard to the breach in US security. This lag can be disastrous for the United States.

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Russia-Ukraine War secrets

The documents highlights various aspects of Russia Ukraine war where the involvement of the USA seems crystal clear.

Wagner Group which is a private mercenary Russian group is trying to recruit convicts in Ukraine war.

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Even the documents have satellite images which shows the destruction caused of different Ukraine sites.

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One of the document also reveals how the Ukrainian bombs stopped working. And those bombs were actually equipped with the U.S. made guidance systems. Therefore, the reports conclude that it could be due to the Russian jammers and also the bomb fuses are nor armed in the right way.

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What The Documents Have to Say About Israel

Israel is also not a distant watcher of the whole game. The documents reveal that Israel is also going to give ‘lethal aid’ to Ukraine. The documents are discussing that what can be the ‘pathways’ through which Israel can deliver arms and ammunitions to Ukraine. This directly signifies that Israel is also a secret partner in the Russo-Ukraine war. Thus, Israel is providing the defence system to Ukraine through third parties.

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Even, South Korea finds a mention in the leaked documents. It says that, South Korea is also concerned to provide artillery shells to US. Since, US won’t be able to fulfil the needs, as ammunition is sent to Ukraine’s military.


For many, it can be a doctored allegation on USA, but many experts have already been indicating that US has a direct involvement in the Russian-Ukraine War. This is therefore, nothing surprising but also indicating the losing control of USA.

This situation marks a serious condition that is going on the world. The way US is involved in war-mongering across the world is unravelling before all. Hence, every country is challenging the dominance by US which surely is going to turn the world order.

We don’t know how bad the leak was yet, but it’s worrying because it could harm national security if important information gets out without permission. However, the US government is looking into what happened and doing things to stop it from happening again.





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