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JNU Involvement in Anti-Brahmin Controversy

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When the discourse and actions of any educational institution is hijacked by the hate-mongering and inconsequential activism, there is nothing left but decline and JNU is a prime example. However, the left-liberal cabal is expert in creating issues which demean the country and divert the focus of people.


What is the Issue?

On Thursday photos of several buildings of JNU floated on the internet. The pictures showed the walls inside the department buildings were defaced with the anti-Brahmin and Baniya slogans. Students told that these were the walls of School of International Studies. The slogans read as- “Brahmins Leave The Campus” and ‘Brahmin-Baniyas, we are coming for you! We will take revenge”.

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ABVP JNU President Rohit Kumar said,

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ABVP condemns the rampant vandalisation of academic spaces by communist goons. The communists have written abuses on the walls of JNU in the School of International Studies- II building. They have defaced chambers of free-thinking professors to intimidate them,”

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A JNU teachers’ body also accused the left liberal gang by posting a tweet,

“While the Left-Liberal gang intimidate every dissenting voice, they appeal to elect EC representatives that ‘can assert the values of mutual respect and civility, & equal & just treatment of all.’ ‘civility’ & ‘mutual respect.’”


We have already seen the malicious act created by the anti-India gang some years before in the same JNU campus. That was the time when the veil of global-leftist cabal was unveiled and now even common Indians know their strategies and malicious intents.

However, knowing the consequences of such defaming petty actions, we should confront them with more vigour. Retaliating them with our substantial actions and rebuttals would prove them inconsequential. People should know that this cancel culture of hate and demeaning would not survive long. Institutions are to study and gain knowledge not to run mean propagandas.

It is time to strengthen the presence of Indic and Bharatiya Knowledge systems in the educational institutions and dazzle the world with what can be the great results of adopting Bharatiya Gyan Parampara (Bharatiya Knowledge System).




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