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HM Amit Shah Threatened by the Khalistanis

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Khalistani supporters are trying every means to propagate their message from every means possible. In a recent event held in Moga, Punjab, Amritpal threatened Amit Shah. Khalistani atrocities are making into headlines froms the world. In India, their agenda is very clear to destabilize the government. Earlier they created ruckus in 70s now they are again making every effort to do the same.

What is the issue?

On the first anniversary of Deep Sidhu’s death, Amritpal Singh, sent a veiled threat to Home Minister Amit Shah. Singh went to Budhsingh Wala Village in the district of Moga in Punjab on February 19. There, he said that HM Shah would end up like Indira Gandhi if he tried to silence them. Amritpal Singh is the head of an organisation Waris Punjab De. Earlier, this group was headed by Deep Sidhu who was an actor. Deep Sidhu gained popularity during the farmers’ protest and later died in a car accident in 2022. This pro-Khalistani group is working every means to break the unity of Sikhs with Bharat and Hindu Dharma in the name of preaching Sikhism to the youth.


Threats to Amit Shah

Amit Shah had given a statement that Home Ministry is vigilant about the progressions of the Khalistan. Commenting on this statement of Amit Shah, Amritpal’s words suggested of a threat.

Words of Amritpal Singh are very alarming because he clearly mentioned Indira Gandhi’s name. He said, “Indira tried to suppress, what happened? Now Amit Shah can fulfill his wish and see”. He tried to equate the terrorist-separatist movement of khalistan with that of the voices of Hindu Rashtra. He asked,

“Tell me, when did Prime Minister and Home Minister say they would take action against those who talk about Hindu Rashtra? There is a difference between the inspiration of Hindus and Sikhs. While Hindus can speak for themselves, Sikhs cannot.”


This is quite an absurd equivalence of Hindu Rashtra and Khalistan brought forth by these Breaking India forces. We have already seen the kind of ruckus made during the farmers’ protest in the name of democracy. But the true handlers of this movement were Breaking India pro-Khalistani forces. They again want to burn Punjab in the fire of separatism and terrorism. The unity of Bharat is under threat. Presently, the society and Government at large make best use of the intelligence to ensure the security of the country. Before the situation gets out of hold, central government has to take charge of all this anarchy going on in Punjab.




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