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ICHR Reclaiming The Pride of Hindutva through History

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The glorious history of the Hindus, the bravehearts of our land are not known to all. Some of them have been systematically obscured while the rest were removed from the curriculum. This has caused a major setback to the annals of Indian History.

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Students should be acquainting themselves with the valour of the Cholas, Yadavs, Kaktiyas to the Ningthouja Dynasty. Instead, they are unaware of the existence of these houses of valour.

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The ICHR Giving Their Due to the Medieval Hindu Rulers

The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) has taken it upon itself to revive the Hindu history. The take will focus more specifically to the Medieval period. The Medieval Indian History that exists already is ripe with the glorification of the Invading Islamists.

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In doing so, a glaring betrayal was made to the contribution of the Hindu rulers. These bravehearts protected Dharma against the invaders. They fought them off to maintain the sanctity of Hindutva and today if we stand here as Hindus, it is mainly due to their fierce loyalty to Hinduism.

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The Corroded Medieval History of India

However, the historical evidences took a stumble post Independence. In a flash of a couple of years, the entire history was flipped upside down. So now instead of Nongda Lairen Pakhangba who ascended the throne of Kangla, the upcoming generations were rote learning about the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal history.

They taught about these invaders who were very colourfully glorified. They were marvelled for their architectural genius.

Sadly most of this genius involved destroying the Hindu relics and temples by defacing them. The remainder times, they overrode these monuments with Islamic inscriptions and proclaimed them as their own.

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The youngsters who studied this malafide history, grew up looking up to the “Great Akbar” who was “tolerant” in his religious policies towards the Hindus. His “benevolence” towards them is quite the topic of admiration. Ironically, this descendant of Taimur and Genghis Khan (his father and mother’s side respectively), is responsible for the conversion and torture of multitudes of Hindus. His Harem housed girls as young as five years and included a grand five thousand occupants, each of whom he had relations with!

The students are not taught this. No. “Akbar the Great” was a pious man, according to previous historic records!

The Right Direction by ICHR 

In light of this, the ICHR not opted to include Islamic rule on ‘Glory of Medieval India: Manifestation of the Unexplored -Indian Dynasties, 8th-18th Centuries.’ The exhibit extended from 30th January till 6th February, 2023.

Professor Umesh Ashok Kadam, the member secretary of the ICHR, spoke on the matter and stated that the Islamic rulers were not Indians. They were “invaders who came from the west” and stayed back in India to exploit her and spread their religion.

He has further stated, “Islam and Christianity came to India during the Medieval period and uprooted civilisation and destroyed the knowledge system.”

Filling Up The Gaps in History

History’s erroneous annals have been corrected. The deliberate erasure of kings such as the Cholas, Rathores, Yadavs, and Kaktiyas from the records is being worked on. A competent research team is filling these gaps. The ICHR is working tirelessly to resurrect and restore these chapters that have been treated so unfairly.

As future generations learn about heroism, they will understand the importance of actual bravery and might from Hindu monarchs. The magnanimity of their dominion and their justice will no longer be cloaked in obscurity.

The world will be made aware of their contribution to Hindutva and their dedication to Dharma. The step is a much needed respite to the historic calamity that exists majorly and another step closer to filling up the patchy history. There is a long way to go still but this start is promising!





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