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Hindus Why So Confused? Whether To Support Or Condemn Atiq’s Killing

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A sad and worrying state of affairs is reflected in the Hindu community, an eternally confused community. Their downfall is a consequence of confusion regarding their existence and identification of threats. Hindus are always confused, why? Why does the public seem to be divided on whether or not to support or condemn the killing of Atiq? Why didn’t the same liberal Hindus raise their voice when Sadhus were lynched in Palghar by a maniacal Muslim mob? Hardened Muslim mafia/don/gangsters, Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot at a point-blank range yesterday in Prayagraj. In what is known as Karma striking back!!

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Atiq Ahmed- A Hardened Criminal; Links With ISI

Atiq Ahmed was an obnoxious, arrogant, power-hungry, greedy, corrupt criminal who harbored hatred for Hindus. Over the course of his career, Atiq was involved in 100 criminal cases. Known for his conniving nature and extreme vindictiveness, Atiq was a hardened criminal turned politician in UP who was not perturbed by any political or judiciary backlash, thanks to Pakistan-linked ISI funding and support.

The fact that Hindus have support for a man who intended to eradicate them is mind-boggling! Hindus seem to be afflicted by an existential identity crisis, which isn’t surprising. As Hindus have been divided on the internet regarding Atiq’s death, condemnation of his death is the least we can do with a man so brutal.

Atiq in his recently recorded statement stated about his deep ISI links. He said “I have no dearth of weapons because I have direct connections with Pakistan’s ISI and terror organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. Weapons from Pakistan are dropped on the Punjab border with the help of drones and local connections collect them. Terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir get weapons from this consignment. If you take me with you, I can help you recover that money, arms, and ammunition used in the incident”.

Atiq had direct links with Chhota Shakeel of the D-Company and LeT, which used to deliver arms and ammunition to him on behalf of the ISI.

Confusion Amongst Hindus

To say the least, this confusion is illogical for a man who was so vicious and troubled Hindus. Though the motive behind his killing is yet to be understood, many believe it could be the Samajwadi Party’s handiwork since Atiq knew a lot about SP and Pakistan’s connections.

Atiq’s open killing has ruffled many feathers, especially among the usual leftist anarchist gang of Mamata Banerjee, Kapil Sibal, and Mahua Moitra, among others. It is a different story as to why the shooters uttered Jai Shree Ram during the shootout, making it more controversial. Nevertheless, Hindus need to learn who their enemies are, regardless of the motives behind the attack. This confusion prevailing among Hindus doesn’t bode well, especially when they know the nefarious intentions of Islamists. As evidenced by their links with the ISI, Muslim gangsters like Atiq and Mukhtar Ansari have threatened and killed Hindus. Instead of shedding tears over the death of a malicious gangster or don, Hindus should get up and possess Shatrubodh before it’s too late.




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