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Enlightenment -A Serious Threat to Bharat

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The European enlightenment and its by-products poses a mortal moralistic threat to Bharatvarsha

The period of enlightenment in Europe which spans the 17th-19th centuries revolutionized Europe. It triggered the age of reason, industrial and scientific revolution in the Euro-Atlantic zone.

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Age of Reason

It was marked by questioning religious or theological dogmas which stifled human thought while advocating a fatalistic approach to life.

Everything must be driven by religion was the common refrain in Europe in the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church of the Vatican was the center of such ecclesiastical power.

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The Enlightenment, however, revolutionized the western societies in the fields of science, literature, arts, society, economy etc. It effectively undermined the power of the Church and brought to the fore- the concept of sovereignty and the idea of ‘nation-state’.

However, the notion of enlightenment posed and still poses a mortal threat to Bharat.

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Template for Colonization

While Enlightenment ushered in a revolutionary Europe, it, unfortunately, spelled doom for the rest of the world.

This is evident from the religious underpinnings of the exploratory voyages that the European sailors took. This is seen particularly true in the case of oriental societies in South America, Asia and Africa.

India or Bharat was the direct victim of such colonization. The ideologies of colonialism and imperialism contributed to the wiping out of the Aztec and Mayan empires and saw almost the entire global south being colonized.

The Europeans were armed by the catholic church & monarchies to spread the ‘correct faith’ and reform the barbarians.

Dr Koenraad Elst, Jakob De Roover, Anibal Quijano did some ground breaking research on the enlightenment hypocrisy of the West and the doom that it spelled for the rest of the world.

Promiscuous CultureĀ 

Promiscuity lies at the root of the western civilization. Sexual liberation was a cardinal principle of the Enlightenment.

This, has morphed, thanks to globalization to a new, pernicious societal norm called-hook up culture. It is a fatal by-product of modernity which adversely affected the ‘gesellschaft’ of Europe.

The hook up culture is rampant in the psyche of the present generation of Europeans be it the British to the Spanish. Americans (particularly with European roots) belong to the same category.

This explains the broken system of the institution of the family in the West.

Frequent divorce, high incidences of teenage pregnancy, alcohol dependence, glorification of womanization is a manifestation of this debauch culture.

Threat to India

Globalization spelled a strong intercultural and inter-societal interaction across the world.

However, such interaction has led to the exportation of this debauch norms to conservative societies like India.

Bharatvarsha as a country deifies women and accords the highest position of respect to them. But concepts like hook-up, live-in coupled with the Marxist culture in universities has invaded our private and public spaces and legitimizes them as ‘normal’.

The decline in modesty in the metro cities like Delhi, followed by a proliferation of live-in relationships where couples rebel against their parents is the epitome of such a decline.

The hook-up culture has seriously undermined the institution of marriage as a sacred union.


The remedies lie in reconnecting our youth with the roots of this beautiful civilization.

Efforts should be made to teach them the fundamental difference between the Western and Indic world views.

The good values of Indian civilization regarding acceptable societal norms, modesty, familial values especially the importance of joint family, respecting one’s elders must be taught.

The European view of life, therefore, should be actively discouraged and exposed to deter our generations from falling prey to such alien ideas.


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