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‘Bharatvarsha’ Civilizational History – Book List for Purva Paksa

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Sanatan Dharma is the world’s oldest civilization that has survived multiple threats and attempts to eradicate it. The present is a testimony to the enduring hatred displayed by the Abrahamic forces toward Hindus over centuries. It is our ignorance of the past that is contributing to the crisis we face today. Unfortunately, Hindus continue to hoodwink themselves as they fail to understand that they are in existential danger.

Recommended Book List

      Pankaj Saxena recommends the following books as a means of understanding civilizational history.

Books like these are essential to Hindus today, especially as they fight off enemy attacks from all sides, whether Marxists, Islamists, Christians, or secularists.

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The following list has been mentioned in the original chronological order:

  1. India’s Secularism – Sita Ram Goel
  2. The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India – Sita Ram Goel
  3. Arise Arjuna – David Frawley
  4. Hindu Society Under Siege – Sita Ram Goel
  5. Islam vis-à-vis Hindu Temples – Sita Ram Goel
  6. Breaking India – Rajiv Malhotra
  7. Ram and Ayodhya – Meenakshi Jain
  8. The Beautiful Tree – Dharampal
  9. Gandhi and Godse – Koenraad Elst
  10. Jesus Christ: An Artifice for Aggression – Sita Ram Goel
  11. Hinduism: The Eternal Tradition – David Frawley
  12. Jizya and the Spread of Islam – Harsh Narain
  13. Defense of Hindu Society – Sita Ram Goel
  14. The Dark Side of Christian History – Helen Ellerbe
  15. Specific Hindu Grievances – Koenraad Elst
  16. मार्क्सवाद के खँडहर – शंकर शरण
  17. Indra’s Net – Rajiv Malhotra
  18. The Sabarimala Confusion – Nithin Sridhar
  19. Sati – Meenakshi Jain
  20. Perversion of India’s Political Parlance – Sita Ram Goel
  21. The Myth of Aryan Invasion of India – David Frawley & the intro of Talageri’s book
  22. Negationism in India – Koenraad Elst
  23. The Calcutta Quran Petition – Sita Ram Goel
  24. Myths of Composite Culture – Harsh Narain
  25. Eminent Historians – Arun Shourie
  26. Missionaries in India – Arun Shourie
  27. Invaders and Infidels – Sandeep Balakrishna
  28. Aavarana – S L Bhyrappa
  29. Flight of Deities – Meenakshi Jain
  30. Hindu View of Christianity and Islam – Ram Swarup
  31. History of Hindu-Christian Encounters – Sita Ram Goel
  32. How India’s Intellectuals Spread Lies– Ravi Shanker Kapoor
  33. More Equal Than Others – Ravi Shanker Kapoor
  34. The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple – Ishwar Sharan
  35. मार्क्सवाद और भारतीय इतिहास का चिंतन – शंकर शरण
  36. Rearming Hinduism – Vamsee Juluri
  37. What Every Hindu Should Know About Christianity – Kalavai Venkat
  38. Understanding Islam Through Hadis – Ram Swarup
  39. The Darkening Age: Christian Destruction of the Classical World – Catherine Nixey
  40. India that is Bharat – J Sai Deepak
  41. Unbreaking India – Sanjay Dixit
  42. Vasudeva Krishna & Mathura – Meenakshi Jain

The books focus on the Purva Paksa, which literally translates to former arguments. It involves understanding the opponent’s point of view deeply before criticizing it. It is therefore critical for the youth of today to read these books and contribute to society in a meaningful way. It will not only benefit them but also their upcoming generations, because ignorance is not bliss, always.

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