Saturday, June 15, 2024

Do The Khalistanis Have a Limit?

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Separatists are like a flu, looking to bring down the whole body. Luckily, antibiotics exist to curb down the flu when the first symptoms appear. The Khalistanis are also like a symptom of a bad flu. They do not learn from the past and their Separatist instincts have only gone from bad to worst.

Recently, the Khalistanis have risen up again and their crooked heads are bobbing up again and down trying to make sense in this world. But alas! All that makes sense is that they are prejudiced, politically charged individuals who are heavily funded by Separatist elements.

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Funded Nuisance

A recent video emerged which showcased Gurcharan Singh threatening an elderly Gujarati man with a vile, venomous speech. This is the same Gurcharan Singh who was caught in a sting op by Republic TV in 2018.

The Khalistan extremism is entirely a politically driven secessionist movement to break India at any cost, sitting in the lap of all national and international anti-India forces.

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Gurucharan has close relations with the Tiger Force Paramjit Singh Pamma. Further,  Amritpal Singh is having backing of Pamma to break India and terrorise in the name of Khalistan.

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Gurcharan has notorious friendliness with Pakistani diplomats a Khalistan “activist”. The movement has been ISI’s pet project for a very long time!

In an old resurfaced video, Amritpal Singh ridicules the people who are okay with NRIs funding the nation but have issues with them interfering with the political processes. Again, the pro Khalistani movement sees linkages with the AAP funding.

The most recent nonsense spewed by the Khalistani Gurcharan, he abused the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh as “traitors”. He burned images of Bhagat Singh and called him the bootlicker of Brahmins! He is a front of the Khalistan propaganda in the United Kingdom.


Unacceptable Hogwash

The nonsensical hatred and bias of the Khalistanis is blinded by the funding that is flowing freely by their foreign sources. Such is their lack of self respect that they are ready to sell themselves, their nation and even abuse the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh – all for a few bags of cash. These sellouts need to look within and realise that this is not what Sikhism is about. They should be ashamed of their sick propaganda and clearly they do not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the great Sikh Gurus.




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