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Wokeism and International Institutions Promoting Dangerous Narrative

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Wokeism has become a daily dose of drugs for most of the world. Dragging every issue, idea and scenario in the context of Wokeist ideology has formed the basis of current narrative. In the present context international institutions are now taking the path of wokeist ideology. How woke culture is corrupting the international politics as well as

Wokeism Leading Narrative of the World

Wokeism is a dangerous ideology which is creating irreplaceable damage to the society. wokeists are playing with identities in the most dangerous way ever. Until now we used to experience how Cultural Marxism across the world played with the idea of differences in the society. Thus every narrative got fragmented into sections and classes. Now, wokeism is playing a game way forward than cultural Marxism. Whereas, cultural Marxism tried to inflate societal differences into rabid demarcations, wokeism is playing an out in the open game. These people are not at all hesitating in defacing lives of people through changing gender identities and making even children vulnerable to the poisonous acts.

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Cultural Marxism was more of a subtler movement, which in the beginning targeted the elite. But, wokeism has made sure that through institutions and so-called democratic voices people get terribly affected. Therefore, it is using democracy as a tool to usurp the natural order in the most beastly form ever.

Race, Caste and Gender are the Epicentre of Wokeism

The change is a major constant, and one should be able to adapt to the change. But when, the change is done forcefully with a clear aim of turning things upside down that becomes dangerous. And woke mentality is doing the same with our societal, political, legal and physical spheres.

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‘Inclusion’ is a very nice term used these days in almost everything. Gender and race and ethnicity has become the centre point of making ‘inclusion’ a part of every narrative.

While we have seen, that wokeists believe in changing the whole world order in the most radical way and leading this agenda from the perspectives of igniting people to bring more differences in terms of gender. Along we have seen, whole world is trying to accept that rights of LGBTQ+ and making them a part of the mainstream. Moreover, school education is also being infected with this ideology, where USA is the epicentre.

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Media and Movements Promoting Woke

Currently, in USA everything is being cancelled out claiming it to be racist. As the world had seen during the ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Go Woke’ slogans were raised. Racial slurs are thrown upon people who talk about the sanity of the situation whole lobby goes after them.

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In the 2-3 years we have seen how India’s nasty Bollywood is promoting this same-sex marriage issue and Indian apex judiciary is also considering to take it forward.
With that, caste is also the buzz word in the current scenario, in America. Yes, America is buzzing with caste as a sore and they are legally trying to make anti-caste laws. This is however very alarming that how sensitive issues are taken up and used in a way to target Hindu ethos.

Caste Battleground In America

From past 3 years America is booming with the issue of Caste on a major level. Lawmaker in California has proposed a bill in California regarding anti-caste discrimination. The bill targets the South Asian caste system which has created discrimination in different sectors (according to the American lawmaker).

A case in 2020 Cisco and its conglomerates in USA is escalated to show caste based discrimination in IT sector.

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Are Democracies promoted to Accept Woke Policies

The situations kind of seem fishy and very alarming at the same time. Although, world governments are traditional and more of concerned with the basic problems of their societies how are they being lured into go on with the Woke Inclusive ideology.

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In a report published and a joint venture by UN (United Nations) and World BANK they are aiming to create a proper research environment for LGBTQ. According to one of its recommendations in strategic investment, World Bank says-

Invest in capacities and partnerships between governments, LGBTI civil society groups, academics, multilateral institutions, the private sector, and other stakeholders to create an infrastructure for LGBTI data collection and research.

This signifies that the world institutions are promoting Woke narrative through the money they are going to lend to the countries. These institutes will create pockets of Woke flag-bearers in academia, policy research and civil society. So that, their dangerous agendas can be pushed.


The governments are under the pressure of international institutions to make ‘Inclusive’ policies mainstream. And to be very straight, woke narrative doesn’t go through public policies but also through media. Media is the main source which propagates Wokeism from the smallest area of a town.

This situation is really dangerous when the international institutes like WB, IMF and UN are taking forward this narrative.







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