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USA’s Rising Nightmare

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The world is moving towards a shift in dominance. The power that USA held once upon a time is slipping away quickly. The hegemony of the USA over the world is nearing its end and this ever rising demise is a nightmare for the USA.

The Global Scenario

The world global order is no longer under one country. The 20th century saw the dominance of the USA and West in taking over the world. However, the 21st century inculcated a shift in this hegemony of the West. More importantly, there are multiple countries now that are on the way to dethrone the USA from its seat of power. The world is now seeing a multi polar world order.

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Recently, China and Russia are looking to joining their combined forces in a takedown of the US hegemony of the world order. Seeing the geo political might of the USA, it makes sense for two Eastern nations to club their strengths for the common ground of dethroning the USA.

Russia-China United Front

The International Criminal Court has released a useless warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ignoring that, President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Xingping is in Moscow to meet him. The two premieres are looking towards a power play against the Western power. The duo put up a united front, expressing concerns over NATO’s growing power in Asia. Putin had praised the 12-point proposition by China on the Ukraine conflict. It includes calling for dialogue and respect for all countries’ territorial sovereignty.

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Officially China has taken a neutral stance upon the whole Russia-Ukraine conflict. But seeing the heat that they are receiving from Taiwan, China is looking to give more overt support to Russia. Till date, China has not provided any official weaponry to Russia for the war. However, the coming months, China might be looking into supplying offensive weaponry to the Russian cause.

USA has already precluded this probability and warned China of consequences for the same. China has called out the US hypocrisy here, since the latter has supplied over $100 billion worth of weaponry to Ukraine as an offensive to the war.

Seeing this double gaming by the USA, a realignment of the world order is in progress with China and Russia standing together, with the BRICS nations supporting the alliance in a soft form.

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India In This New Order

The scenario of India in this whole scenario is quite interesting since India’s biggest adversary, China is involved in the mix. The bigger adversary, however, for India is the English speaking world that has condemned the Indian subcontinent time and again. The enemy lines between India and China did not exist prior to China playing the offence against India in the past.

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The question now stands – will the West support India’s growing power? Seeing the obvious answer to this question, India needs to play smart to be the turning point in the world order.

USA Is Falling Apart

Meanwhile, the USA’s long history of deceit and hypocrisy is catching up with it and is forcing the nation to bend it knees. The fall of dollar is now but a surety. Inspire of appearances, de-dollarisation is going to be the imminent reality.

Many nations in Asia, are looking to establish their currency independent of the dollar as a foundation towards de-dollarisation. Corporates around the world are selling an unprecedented portion of their debt in local currencies, wary of further dollar strength.

Recently, the collapse of American banking system is anything but a sign of the times that USA hegemony is drawing to a close. The wrongful criteria established by USA to further itself in the world order is catching to it.

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Most of the conflicts and disruptions around the world have the hand of US funding in their backdoors. If time has taught the world anything, it is that deceit will only get you so far. USA’s nightmare is coming to life in the form of Russia-China coming together. And they are more than ready to take down the already crumbling US power, thus giving to the world a stronger world order.




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