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Mamata Didi And Minorities

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Mamata Banerjee continues to use the term “Ramzan” to protect the alleged “minorities”. This comes despite the violence planned for Ram Navami in the Howrah neighbourhood of Shibpur.

Mamata Banerjee Crossed The Line Once Again, This Time With An Outrageous Statement Before Top Indian & Foreign Judiciary
PC Swarajya

The Bengal CM asserted that Islamists had nothing to do with the violence. They were instead preoccupied with Ramadan and Namaz when questioned about it by “journalist” Rajdeep Sardesai.

The minority community, Mamta said, was not at all interested since they were preoccupied with Ramadan and Namaz. She made an effort to portray the accused as the victims throughout her conversation with the journalist.

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Mamata Banerjee performed a monkey balancing routine to admit that the Howrah rioters were not Hindus. Soon after, she made generalisations about “outsiders,” asserting that thugs sent in from other states were responsible for the violence. It is not communal violence, she insisted. It is an intentional effort to incite violence, spread panic among minorities, and assault minorities. Mamata later accused the BJP of upsetting the calm in the State under the guise of Ram Navami during the phone chat.

Innocent Minorities

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Mamata Banerjee asserted, “I have declared multiple times that I will not ban public processions of Ram Navami,” in reference to the rioting in Howrah on Thursday. You go and carry it out quietly. I’ve told my party to do the same.”

The cops were given clear orders since Muslims were fasting during Ramzan on one side and Hindus were celebrating Annapurna Puja on the other. The state’s Muslim population is 33%. During Ramadan, their families follow fasting,” she continued.

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The West Bengal Chief Minister denied that Islamists were responsible for the violence, saying that Muslims don’t engage in “injustice” during Ramadan since it is a season of sacrifice for Allah.

Why The Favouritism?

Mamata Banerjee had specifically asked for the Hindus to avoid Muslim areas as they take out the Ram Navami procession. The Hindus are now being blamed for the violence that occurred during the celebrations and the Muslims are painted as unwitting victims!

This baloney hosh posh is a result of filthy vote bank politics. Each month, Hindus are butchered and treated with hatred in West Bengal by a specific population. However, the Muslims meet no consequences and are labelled as victims while they go ahead and pelt stones at celebratory processions of Hindus!

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