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Pujari Confronts Missionaries

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On social media, a video of a pujari arguing at several missionaries in front of a temple went viral. The group of missionaries camped out in front of a Bhagwan Rama temple and spread the gospel there. Bala Gangadhar Tilak, a pujari from the BC Palli region in Marripadu, Nellore, accosted the preachers. The pujari can be heard in the video inquiring why they were performing it so close to the temple.

Nuisance Of Missionaries

The argument of missionaries was that they were merely travelling. Nonetheless, it is evident from the video that the car carrying the musical instruments they used for preaching is close to the temple. When the pujari said that he had been observing for 15 minutes and they were preaching near the temple, one of the pastors replied,

“How does it matter which god, we are also talking of god only”.

The pujari countered saying, “I will read the Bhagavad Gita then and give Prasadam, Will you take it?”

Since they were not moving, so the pujari purposefully halted to give a sermon in front of the temple. Social media users shared the video and praised the pujari for his bravery. Others, on the other hand, emphasised how many Hindus, likely those who visited the temple, stood silent and witnessed the altercation politely.

The pujari was honoured by the Sanatana Hindu Foundation of Nellore for fearlessly confronting the pastors by himself. Hindus are urged by Leftists to be accepting of people of different religions. They are given lessons on Secularism. A Hindu cannot perform the same act in front of a church. In fact, inspite of facing violence on Ram Navami, the Liberals sat silently. They circulated the video of Hindus chanting Jai Shree Ram infant of a mosque but behaved indifferently to the violence perpetuated upon Hindus!

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