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MyINDBOOK2023: A year from India’s perspective

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The current generation of India lives in peculiar times. As a nation, we don’t have the fear of any external interference, we are economically stable and are more than well-placed to hold our own in front of the world. Yet, we are at a constant war! The Information War.


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Starting from the days of colonization, we Indians have been fed the narrative—History, Geopolitics, etc.—that was deemed fit by the western world. Post-Independence this task of forming the narrative was taken over by the trusted lackeys of the erstwhile colonial masters. The privilege to relay the information was gradually changed into the power of weaving the narrative by our very own people and more often than not, the interest of the nation was the last thing present on the mind of these narrative weavers.

Finally, after the long wait of seven decades, India fights back! India is no longer willing to surrender the reins of its narrative to a closed group of elites and MyINDBook 2023 has been the outcome of one such resistance.

We have seen time and again in recent times that Wikipedia, media outlets like BBC and other platforms repeatedly publish information on India and Dharma that is misinformed and also misinterpreted. MyINDBook is an Indic initiative from MyIndMakers to take ON this mighty “Fact-checking” ecosystem; a dark world that is dominated by Breaking India Forces. This year, more than 40 contributors have joined forces with the MyIndMakers team by penning informative articles on current affairs, politics, economics, defense & military strategy, technology, history & culture, and on many other diverse fields!

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The range of topics covered by various contributors in the “Current Affairs”, “Military & Strategic Affairs” and other geopolitical sections are vast and every single article from these sections that made it into the book is highly informative and is actually very much necessary to understand the day-to-day politics that usually goes unnoticed. One thing that stood out for me was the fact that each author had a different perspective on the events but at the same time had steadfastly maintained an “India first” perspective. This also helps the readers to make informed observations on the political affairs of the nation/world.

I have a special liking for the “History & Culture” category of the book, partly because of having contributed a series of articles on Ramayana geography for MyIndMakers. This section consists of research essays from various researchers and scholars who have done a commendable study on India’s history and have dug up literal gems of wisdom! The research topics span from the dating of Pre-Ramayana events to the contribution of the Marathas to Hindu society and from finding the veracity of Sri Krishna to the heart-wrenching account of 7 exoduses of Kashmir Pandits. I am grateful to the researchers and MyIndMakers team for bringing out these articles on subjects that are often ignored by both academics and readers.

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It bodes well to point out that MyIndBook is so much more than just a compilation of excellent articles. The yearbook contains an encyclopedic profile of 231 countries detailing their pivotal information.  The yearbook also contains informative center spreads on Hindu Chronology (courtesy, the works of Nilesh Oak and Rupa Bhaty). Additionally, the exhaustive documentation of notable national events for every single day of the year is a gold mine for students preparing for civil service exams. This collection combined with the year worth of information makes the MyIndBook 2023 a must-have for any UPSC and other civil service aspirants. The curator Dr. Ramaharitha Pusarla deserves applause for her meticulous compilation and her dedication to curating the yearbook.

I was pleasantly surprised to notice that MyIndBook 2023 is more voluminous than the last year’s edition. I would like to think of this as a growth of interest among the Indians to take back the charge of their narrative. And, the fact that MyIndMakers have marked it at half the price of last year’s edition meant that a greater number of folks have the chance to view the world from India’s perspective.

Join this yagna to reclaim OUR Content, Narrative, and Data.



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