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S Jaishankar Roasts The West On Khalistan Embassy Attacks

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Dr. S Jaishankar did not come to play games. “If they don’t provide security then there will be reaction from India. This is not an India that will accept its national flag pulled down”, S Jaishankar’s sternly warned the West. It was a response to Khalistan supporters attacking Indian diplomatic missions. In response to the attack on the Indian High Commission in London, Jaishankar stated that India will not condone the removal of its national flag.

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Stern Approach By Mr. Jaishankar

Mr. Jaishankar delivered these statements at Cubbon Park during a ‘Meet and Greet’ event. It was hosted by Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya and Bengaluru Central MP PC Mohan for around 500 young voters, runners, and tourists. Mr. Jaishankar also chastised Germany and the United States. They commented on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as a Member of Parliament.

India Won't Allow National Flag to Be Dishonored: Jaishankar
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Dr. Jaishankar is like a breath of fresh air. Till now his speech compiled all his prior speeches across Europe. He further chastised Australia, UK, Canada and USA that India will retaliate tit for tat.

It means that the security of Indian Embassy will be retaliated on Indian soil with their High Commissions. Further, they removed the security of British High Commission post attack on Indian Embassy by the Khalistanis.

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He further pointed out that the West interfered relentlessly in the internal affairs of other countries. Of course, the comments made by Germany and United States is also a reflection of their White Supremacism. This was fanned by Rahul Gandhi upon his recent visit to Cambridge. However, these interferences are not seen in matters of Saudi Arab or China. India is also following the same order now to break this white superiority.

Foreign oncologists have a habit of painting India as a backward country. Indians and India had never pushed back before. However, with Mr. Jaishankar, this tit for tat will be followed through by India as well. Under Mr. Jaishankar, India will no longer be a soft, pushover. Rather it will be applying Mr. Jaishankar’s stern approach. This new India is not to be messed around with!

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