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FAQs on Rahul Gandhi’s Educational Qualification

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As the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family, Rahul Gandhi’s life is an open book. Contrarily, the educational qualification of this Indian politician remains unfathomable. Recent statements of Mrs. Priyanka Vadra in Delhi clearly announced Rahul Gandhi’s virtue in terms of his academic accomplishments. Her statements made a scholar out of her brother whose degrees from both Harvard and Cambridge are a claim to his authenticity as a man of erudition. However, the BJP and Mr. Gandhi’s detractors claim that the falsification of certificates, admission dates, and data are the true accomplishments of this Congress leader.

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Is Rahul Gandhi an Alumni of St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University?

Rahul Gandhi was admitted to St. Stephen’s College in 1989 under the sports quota. He was supposedly an expert in shooting who participated in the 32nd National Shooting Competition. As per the PMO post on Facebook, it was surprising that he was given a certificate for securing the 4th position in the 25-meter Center Fire Pistol Division. Despite his score of 61% in his CBSE class 12th exams, Rahul Gandhi was admitted to St. Stephen’s College undergraduate program using this sports certificate.

However, Rahul Gandhi did finish a full year at the college. He soon sought admission to Harvard University to seek a better education.

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Rahul Gandhi in his interviews has questioned the teaching methodology of the Indian education system. He defines his St. Stephen’s experience as stifling where he was unable to question the professors and other teaching faculty. Many true alumni of the college find his statements offensive. The truth is that Rahul Gandhi did not qualify on academic merit for admission to St. Stephen’s College. Moreover, he did not complete his undergraduate degree from this college as per his statements. Thus, he is not an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University.

Is Rahul Gandhi an Alumni of Harvard University?

Although Rahul Gandhi retook admission in the first year of an undergraduate course at Harvard University, he did not graduate from there as well. Subramaniam Swami spoke in his speeches about the conditions around the admission of Rahul Gandhi in the 1991 batch under the donor’s quota of Harvard University.

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Mr. Rahul Gandhi soon left Harvard and was admitted to Rollins College’s undergraduate program, from where he did complete his studies. However, the reasons for his departure from Harvard are not made public. Mr. Gandhi himself states that he shifted colleges due to the security threat at Harvard. He also states he took a pseudo name of Raul Vinci to protect his life at Rollins College. Detractors of Mr. Rahul Gandhi want proof of his performance from Harvard. However, neither the college nor Mr. Gandhi himself produced any mark sheets issued to him by Harvard itself. Thus, Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s status as an alumnus of Harvard University is questionable.


There is no proof to support that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College or Harvard University. The claims of Mrs. Priyanka Vadra about the academic performance of Mr. Rahul Gandhi are questionable as well. The merry-go-round about Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s undergraduate degree began much earlier than the sad demise of his father. The absence of any mark sheet by either institute or a satisfactory response by Mr. Gandhi himself further bolsters the claim of poor academic performance by his detractors. And the misuse of information by Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi in her speeches in Delhi to sway voters fortifies the belief of these detractors. Currently, Mr. Rahul Gandhi can only be confirmed as an alumnus of Rollins College and Cambridge University.

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