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Symbol of Respect: Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Touches the Feet of PM Narendra Modi

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In a significant gesture of respect and warm reception, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Marape, displayed a profound act of reverence by touching the feet of India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This historic moment occurred during PM Modi’s inaugural visit to Papua New Guinea. It made him the first-ever Indian Prime Minister to set foot in the island nation. The symbolic gesture not only emphasized the strong diplomatic ties between the two countries. It also highlighted the respect and admiration that PM Modi commands on the international stage.

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A Warm Welcome in Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Papua New Guinea was met with great enthusiasm and excitement from the Indian community residing in the country. As news of his arrival spread, Indians in Papua New Guinea gathered to cheer and capture precious moments with their beloved leader. They clicked selfies and expressing their joy. The chants of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ (Victory to Mother India) and ‘Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi‘ (Hail Modi, in every household) echoed in the air. This reflected the deep-rooted connection and support for Prime Minister Modi among the Indian diaspora.

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Historic Milestone in Bilateral Relations

This visit by Prime Minister Modi marked an important milestone in the bilateral relations between India and Papua New Guinea.

With PM Modi being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the island nation, it demonstrated India’s commitment to strengthening ties with Pacific island countries.

The warm reception and the unique gesture of Prime Minister Marape touching PM Modi’s feet highlighted the mutual respect and admiration. It also symbolized the bond of friendship shared by their respective nations.

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Shared Goals and Collaborative Efforts

During his visit, PM Modi co-hosted the 3rd Summit of the Forum for India–Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC III Summit) with Prime Minister Marape. The summit provided an opportunity for both leaders to engage in fruitful discussions. It explored avenues for deeper cooperation in these vital areas.

Bilateral Interactions and Future Prospects

Apart from the summit, Prime Minister Modi had bilateral interactions with Papua New Guinea’s Governor-General, Sir Bob Dadae, and Prime Minister Marape. The other Pacific Island Country leaders also participated in the summit. These engagements fostered a deeper understanding and opened doors for future collaborations in various sectors. These include trade, investment, and people-to-people exchanges. The visit also allowed PM Modi to connect with the Indian community in Papua New Guinea. He acknowledged their contributions and listening to their concerns.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Papua New Guinea left an indelible mark on the diplomatic relations between India and the island country. The gesture of Prime Minister Marape touching PM Modi’s feet showcased a deep level of respect and friendship.

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