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World Hindu Congress 2023: Mumbai Curtain Raiser Ignites Excitement for Global Event

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The curtain raiser event for the World Hindu Congress 2023, set to take place in Bangkok later this year, commenced in Mumbai’s Jio World Centre. The event witnessed the presence of prominent leaders, scholars, and distinguished personalities. It also included the announcement of the World Hindu Congress 2026. It will be hosted in Mumbai. Swami Vigyananand, the organizer of the event, emphasized the importance of unity, strength, and global recognition for Hindus. The conference aims to bring together intellectuals, experts, politicians, and media personalities to address these priorities. The theme for the congress is “Jayasya Aayatanam Dharmah: Dharma, the Abode of Victory.” The primary objective is to unite Hindus on a global platform. It aims at fostering the exchange of ideas and strengthening their collective voice.

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The Curtain Raiser Event

The curtain raiser event, held in Mumbai’s Jio World Centre. It marked the official launch and announcement of the World Hindu Congress 2023. Organized by the World Hindu Foundation, the event drew attendees from various countries, including prominent personalities, religious leaders, and scholars. The gathering served as a precursor to the main congress scheduled to be held in Bangkok.

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Significance of the World Hindu Congress

The Hindu Congress serves as a platform for Hindus to come together, exchange ideas, and address contemporary challenges facing their community. It aims to promote dialogue, foster intellectual discourse, and forge alliances. They address issues such as religious freedom, education, social empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

The congress provides an opportunity to strengthen networks and collaborations among global Hindu organizations, scholars, and thought leaders.

The World Hindu Congress also plays a crucial role in projecting the positive aspects of Hinduism, dispelling misconceptions, and encouraging interfaith dialogue and understanding. It acts as a catalyst for social change and community development by advocating for the values of compassion, inclusivity, and service inherent in Hindu philosophy.

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Way Forward

The World Hindu Congress has been a resounding success in previous editions, with New Delhi, India hosting the event in 2014 and Chicago in 2018. These landmark conferences witnessed the participation of distinguished individuals such as the revered Dalai Lama, renowned British politician Priti Patel, esteemed American politician Tulsi Gabbard, Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu, and notable Union Ministers like Nitin Gadkari and Smriti Irani. The conferences also attracted delegates from a staggering 60 countries, further solidifying its global significance and impact.

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