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BJP Government’s crackdown on Naxalism leads to arrest of Dinesh Gope

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On 21st of May 2023 NIA arrested Dinesh Gope, a prominent Naxal supremo of the extremist group named PLFI. The police recovered a 7.65 mm pistol, ammunition, mobile phones, and a pamphlet of militant outfit PLFI from him and his associates. The police have lodged a case against these extremists under several sections of the Indian Penal Code and Arms Act. Reportedly, Dinesh was trying to accumulate funds through extortion to enter the political arena. This move is a much needed action of BJP government on Naxalism in India.

Before NIA tracked him on basis of call, PLFI 'chief' ran dhaba as a Sikh in Nepal | India News,The Indian Express
PC The Indian Express

What led to the arrest of Dinesh Gope?

Currently, Dinesh Gope has over 105 cases filed against. The states of Jharkhand, Bihar, and Orissa have numerous cases against Gope. In 2016, NIA registered a case against Dinesh aka Badku, and his associates, for the possession of ₹25 lakh demonetized notes. Additionally, charges of allegedly terrorizing businessmen and the public have been filed against him and his outfit. Furthermore, Gope and PLFI  allegedly extorted money from petrol pumps in return for depositing demonetized notes. In 2018 the NIA re-registered its case against the PLFI supremo.

Gope successfully evaded arrests for the past twenty years. Allegedly, he also fled to Nepal as a member of Sikh community to allude authorities.

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Consequently, the Jharkhand Police posted a bounty of ₹25 lakh and the NIA offered ₹5 lakh for his arrest. Last year Gope’s two wives were arrested on the charges of terror-funding. Lately, the BJP government’s anti-terrorism stand has resulted in the effective arrest and conviction of many Naxalites and terrorists.

What were Dinesha Gope’s crimes?

Dinesh Gope, his associates, and PLFI stand accused of many criminal activities in at least three states. Some of these crimes are:

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  1. Possession of over ₹25 lakh of demonetized currency through illegal means.
  2. Extortion from business men, contractors, and the general public.
  3. Investing extorted money in shell companies like Palak Enterprises, Shiv Adi Shakti, Shiv Shakti Samridhi Infra Pvt. Ltd., and Bhavya Engico.
  4. Instigating unemployed youth to join the Naxal movement through terror-funding.
  5. Possession of illegal arms and ammunition.
  6. Conducting criminal activities, including abduction and murder, and sponsoring terror activities in the nation.
  7. Money laundering, land grabbing, and terror-funding.

What is PLFI?

Three PLFI cadres held, arms seized | Latest News India - Hindustan Times
PC Hindustan Times

The People’s Liberation Front of India or PLFI is a banned militant Naxal outfit. It was founded by Dinesh Gope in 2007 in the Jharkhand state. Originally PLFI was the Jharkhand Liberation Tigers (JLT), which was founded by Suresh Gope in 2003. On the death of Suresh Gope in 2003, Dinesh inherited the reins of his brother’s gang of rebels.

The PLFI, erstwhile JLT, is an armed group of rebels. These rebels were united under the cause to fight against the corruption of the local governments and the dominance of local goons in the area. They state that leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose are their inspiration in their fight for justice. However, this rebel group soon turned into a criminal gang themselves. Thus, their aim deviated from justice for the poor to extortion from the rich. They encourage disharmony in their region of influence. Moreover, they dedicatedly spread misinformation among the tribal youth. They recruit gullible youths into their gangs using extorted money. Their main cause is to disrupt peace and spread terror. 

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Several political parties and individuals question the need for demonetization in India. They frequently taunt the central government to enlist the benefits of the demonetization exercises in India. The arrest of Dinesh Gope and his associates can be considered a mission completed as a direct result of demonetization of currency notes. Moreover, a close look at their activities underlines the need for regular demonetization in India. Additionally, this arrest signifies the commitment of the BJP government against local terror groups and protection of Indian society. This arrest is another flex in the agenda of BJP to end ‘gunda-raj’ in the states of India. It provides the nation with a much needed relief from Naxalism.

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